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Recent content by Djltoronto

  1. Djltoronto


    20mm for me
  2. Djltoronto

    Access to rear license plate lights

    LED type https://www.kstinger.com/license_plate_lamp_led_type_bulb_replacement-309.html
  3. Djltoronto

    Jack Stand locations

    Is this for long terms storage or an oil change / maintenance? What I do for maintenance is, jack from the pinch weld and place my jack stands under the control arms near the inner pivot of the control arm. I lower the car so it's NEAR to the jack stands but all the weight is still on my...
  4. Djltoronto

    Harman Kardon sound system

    Through custom work - you can add anything. Also - the actual speakers look like (not my image)
  5. Djltoronto


    Can you share what the symptoms are? What is the warning on your dash? What does it say? Does it change the driving dynamics?
  6. Djltoronto

    ABS, TCS, and most assists not working

    Who decided to start with the completely unrelated TPMS system? The TPMS system is not required or connected to any of the systems you are having trouble with. Many people run TPMS seasonally, as they do not want to purchase 2 sets of sensors for winter/summer tires.
  7. Djltoronto

    Engine Air Filter Replacement / Brace Torque Specs 3.3 L V6 Engine

    here http://www.kstinger.com/air_cleaner_filter-339.html
  8. Djltoronto

    Auto hold - neutral

    Much more than just engine temperature.
  9. Djltoronto

    Engine Air Filter Replacement / Brace Torque Specs 3.3 L V6 Engine

    Previous post was for the 4cyl engine. Same specs for the 3.3 BY
  10. Djltoronto

    Smart cruise control

    I have an '18 model and the only time the SCC bothers me is when it's blocked due to ice... But I can easily switch to standard dumb cruise control and carry on cruising (commuting to and from work). It would suck not being able to switch between modes Please don't tell me a shouldn't use...
  11. Djltoronto

    Replacing stock speakers with Infinity Kappas

    Don't the 60csx have a lower sensitivity? Weird
  12. Djltoronto

    Replacing stock speakers with Infinity Kappas

    easily fixed with the fader/balance controls I would assume?
  13. Djltoronto

    Ambient lighting disappeared from menu!

    never heard/read of that. Looks like a dealer visit for you. are any other settings missing?