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Recent content by djerickd

  1. djerickd

    FS Ark GT-S springs

    I’ve got a set of Ark GT-S springs for sale in the Tampa area. $200 + ship lmk
  2. djerickd

    FS FL: EBC Racing lightweight 2 Piece Floating front brake rotors!!

    Got a set of gently used EBC 2 Piece Floating rotors. Tampa area. $700
  3. djerickd

    Share your Kia Stinger phone mounts

    can you share the file for this one?!
  4. djerickd

    Catch Can Thread

    check this new offering out from JLT: JLT 3.0 Oil Separator (2018-2020 Kia Stinger GT 3.3L TT Passenger Side) - JLT Performance Inc. (jlttruecoldair.com)
  5. djerickd

    Anyone been able to “re-trim” parts of the dash to make older ones closer to ‘22 GT2?

    totally possible, I have the silver 22 steering wheel trim installed as well the taillights. I'm looking for the part number for the gauge cluster surround that has the silver trim on it now.
  6. djerickd

    Going to a Lithium Battery for weight savings

    Anyone find a decent lightweight replacement?
  7. djerickd

    New GTS Member

    I need ported cats
  8. djerickd

    Kia Stinger Ambient Lighting

    wow sweet
  9. djerickd

    Trailing arms and toe links

    must have been LOUD
  10. djerickd

    New to the forum with Stinger knowledge any GTS owners out there?

    @Stinger tech what kind of issues are you seeing with these cars??
  11. djerickd

    Eibach Pro-kit Spring Install - My Experience

    Just finished w/H&R RWD. Thanks for the write up!!