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Recent content by BobsDad

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    PPF, Ceramic Coating or both?

    I decided to go with SunTek PPF on the front as well followed by two coats of CeramicPro 9H. I've only had her back for a couple of weeks but you're right, it is quite noticeable how much easier it is to clean, especially around the rims and callipers.
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    PPF, Ceramic Coating or both?

    ...and it would appear that you are happy with the results. The shine/finish is uniform throughout?
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    PPF, Ceramic Coating or both?

    Just took possession of my 2023 3.5T G80 Sport Plus. There's nothing quite like that showroom finish when you first get that new vehicle. I'm considering getting her both Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating. I understand that both provide different protections but am curious if any of...
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