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Recent content by BigDave802

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    FS Borla Exhaust for sale $850

    PM sent.
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    GPS Tracker in the Car and how to remove?

    You might want to read this ;) https://www.kia.com/us/en/content/technology/uvo/features/security "Find My Car Keep track of your Kia—even if you’re not driving it. The Find My Car feature offers peace of mind even if a family member is using the vehicle." "Geo Fence The Geo Fence feature...
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    Paint chips

    I might believe it was their fault if it wasn't a recurring complaint from so many people and on another note I just noticed my local dealer snuck a service contract and GAP insurance into my damn sales contract. That's what I get for not reading every damn detail which i'm sure they planned...
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    Paint chips

    I checked into the company extensively AFTER I got financed and there is a ludicrous amount of reviews about peoples credit being hit for money owed when it wasn't and KMF never contacting these people about it, being charged for damages at EOL after they return the car when there was none, cars...
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    Paint chips

    They refunded the full wrap cost and I traded the car. I was frustrated beyond belief. I traded it for a Tundra and HATED the truck after driving the stinger. I just got rid of the truck and picked up a 2019 Stinger. Apparently I should have read reviews on the company I chose for financing. Kia...
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    Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar Detector with GPS any good?

    That's a fair price on it for a entry level detector. There's many others that are better but for the price it's comparable to other entry level models.
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    Paint chips

    This is mine mid wrap. Looked amazing from a distance. Horrible job from a local place, I had razor marks everywhere when I removed it. So many more colors in the light. It's too bad the company took on a job they lacked the skill for.
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    Who's received their free Harman Kardon Soho headphones?

    I bought my First stinger in Feb 2018 and still haven't gotten mine.
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    FS FS: OEM 19" Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires (staggered set, under 250 miles of tread wear)

    Wait til summer and you can get a lot more.
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    Dealer sold me a Stinger with Summer tires in middle of winter

    I spoke to Kia corporate who is going to speak to them directly. Their only offer was tires at cost and I pay half. I spoke to their tire guy who gave me their "cost" pricing on a set of Pirelli winters and it was higher than Tire Rack pricing so I think they were BS'ing me again. I can't find...
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    Dealer sold me a Stinger with Summer tires in middle of winter

    Not sure what my best course of action is here. I just bought a 2019 Stinger GT AWD and explicitly asked if it came from the factory with All-Seasons or Summers due to the speed limiter. She informed me it came with All-Seasons. I asked if it was like that or if they swapped them in house. She...
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    FS Tork intakes 130 shipped

    What intake did you go to?. I had the K&N on my last Stinger and if these are similar I'll take them.
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    Lower top speed with all season tires???

    That still involves a ECU reflash and the ECU logs any flashes done to it. The only option is to use a cloned ECU so you can swap them out when you go in for service. Otherwise they can see the modifications done and are within their rights to void your warranty.
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    Lower top speed with all season tires???

    The downside is if I remember correctly if you mess with the ECU your warranty is toast. So unless you drop 1600 for them to clone your ecu then you're SOL.
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    Lower top speed with all season tires???

    spoke with Kia today about the top speed limiter for vehicles with the 18" all-season tires. Their response was "The dealership knew about this and should have told the buyer so any action you take should be on them because we aren't liable since we sell the vehicle to them and they as the...