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Recent content by ATXStinger

  1. ATXStinger

    New Stinger performance products from CXRacing

  2. ATXStinger

    So many wrecked Stingers already

    While surfing coparts Flood damage
  3. ATXStinger

    Kia Stinger Exhaust Tips Thread

    If you guys are interested in removing the exhaust tips, here's a close-up of a pair that's been powder-coated black. Both sides are held onto the bumper with four screws which are accessible from behind. 86661-J5300, 86662-J5300...
  4. ATXStinger

    How many Stingers are you seeing on the road?

    I've seen almost every color in Austin, just not Panthera Metal
  5. ATXStinger

    K steering wheel emblems

    These actually don't look too bad.
  6. ATXStinger

    First Sunset Yellow Kia Stinger with StingerHaus Package for sale?

    Just found this Sunset Yellow with the StingerHaus kit. Doesn't look like they've added any performance parts. Still the kit looks very nice on Yellow. Price is $49,350 KNAE35LC7J6020659
  7. ATXStinger

    Kia Stinger runs 12.5 1/4 @110mph

    The guys at Tork Motorsports Sales@Tork ran a 12.5 1/4 @110mph[^] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT3xNeW3qq8&feature=share
  8. ATXStinger

    Wrapped Stingers

    These turned out pretty good.
  9. ATXStinger

    Close-up of the Stinger headlight

    Here's a close-up of the Stinger headlight, kind of neat how they mount the ballast underneath.
  10. ATXStinger

    Convoy Velocity Canards for the Kia Stinger

    These products are distributed by a company called Convoy http://www.convoymall.com/ Direct Product Link - Click Here https://image.ibb.co/n0VgrS/canad_stinger.jpg
  11. ATXStinger

    Kia Stinger STORM Lower Springs

    Details on the Kia Stinger STORM Lowering Springs Kia Stinger GT & Base Part Number: P0000CZT MSRP: $285.00 STORM Front and Rear Lowering Coil Springs .8" Front .6" Rear 100% cold forming steel. 20% stronger than factory.
  12. ATXStinger

    Eibach Anti-Roll Bar and Rear Sway Bar for the Kia Stinger GT

    These just came out recently. MSRP: $440.10 Part Number: E40-46-035-01-11 UPC: 803050456779