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Recent content by Arkley

  1. Arkley

    What's your favorite Kia Stinger Color?

    Here's another snap of my Ascot Green Elite. The country setting suits this set up.
  2. Arkley

    Winter tires and rims for 2022 GT AWD Elite.

    Hi - Auto enthusiast friends that have serious European cars tell me to not try and save money and that I should install 225 winters on the front and 255s on the rear, as it is now. Staggered, just as the car came. I've spoken with a few dealers of tires and, although I wasn't asking for any...
  3. Arkley

    New Member, 2022 GT1

    I bought one of them in June. People say they like the green. In Canada it's called Ascot Green.
  4. Arkley

    What's your favorite Kia Stinger Color?

    People seem to like my Ascot Green.