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Problem with EPS - Stinger 3.3 RWD

What I Drive
Kia Stinger GT2 3.3
Recently, I am the owner of Kia Stinger 2018 in the RWD version. I brought the car from the USA slightly hit bottom down. After examination, it turned out that the housing of the power steering motor was damaged - damaged electronics cover and torn pins. After talking to KIA in Szczecin, I learned that the service does not have any procedure to replace the engine itself - only the whole set is at stake.

I was able to find the engine from the secondary market - the same model, numbers, etc .; the seller assured it works. After putting everything together, during normal driving, turning etc. everything works properly. The problem arises when maneuvering in a parking lot at minimum speeds or when parking, namely: after turning the wheels max left / right you can hear the ticking / squeaking coming from the steering rack area.

The seller from whom I bought the motor sensitized me to the correct tension of the belt working in the power motor / steering rack - unfortunately the mechanic cannot find the tensioner screw. I read that it is enough to loosen the screws securing the motor and start turning it clockwise or counterclockwise which will change the belt tension.

Have you encountered similar ailments? Someone may have an idea what might be the reason for the abovementioned accidents?

Thanks in advance! I would be very grateful for your help!
Regards, Grzegorz from Poland! ;)

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