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Canadian Kia Stinger Recall Notice

Transport Canada Recall # 2018598
Recall Date 2018/10/31
Notification Type Safety Mfr
System Electrical
Manufacturer Recall Number RC120
Units Affected The number of vehicles or components affected by the recall. 1,426
Category Car
Recall Details

On certain vehicles, the front wiring harness could come in contact with a sharp metal opening on the left inner fender and become damaged. This could result in an electrical short-circuit and create the risk of a fire causing injury and/or damage to property. Correction: Dealers will inspect the front wiring harness for damage. If no damage is found, the dealer will install a plug/cover to the opening on the left inner fender. If damage is found, the front wiring harness will be replaced and a plug/cover will be installed to cover the opening on the left inner fender.

Jay Tea

New Member
United States
I just received my US-version of this recall notice (NHTSA 18V-754), dated Dec 20, 2018.

I called my local dealer and scheduled a time for the initial inspection. The dealer admitted that I would be the Test Case (the first), and that they would need the car for 3 or 4 hours, as they were not certain what to do or how to do it (yet). The dealer stated that, depending upon what is discovered, I may have to bring the car back to install new parts.

All this is fine with me, as my GT is not my primary car.

Will post a followup in two weeks after inspection / repairs are completed.

Happy New Year [wrenchin]

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