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AC making high pitch whining noise at 24k miles.

United States
What I Drive
2020 GT
Hello, im wondering if anyone is having the same weird noise as I am. coming from what seems to be the front passenger side of the car. After turning AC on a hight pitch wine can be heard. Used to get louder as the blower speed turned up now I can only hear it in the middle setting of the blower speed. AC seems to be working fine except for this annoying sound that has seemed to come from no where. I drive the stinger almost everyday and have never noticed this sound so something must have happened. I took the car to the dealer and all they said was that the AC seemed to be working fine and never addressed the sound that has started. I don't know much about AC systems in cars to even think up a reason for this sound starting and why it would be quieter now.

I don't think the vent itself is causing the sound because there was no sound for over a year.

Thank you to anyone who sees this thread.

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