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Thread: Snow Tires vs Summer Tires

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    My summer tires "failed" in frigid temps. Let me explain (and I consider myself lucky). I parked on some snow, in gravel, maybe 2-3 inches, I guess there was some ice, and it was on a very slight slope, but very slight. I parked very close to my wooden privacy fence, to test out the parking sensors and for fun. E-brake on, in park, got out, locked up and walked away to stand nearby for five minutes or so.

    I heard a sound, my heart sank, the car slid into the fence, but luckily it only moved about 2-3 inches because I parked so close, and luckily the fence held without any damage, and luckily I didn't have a front plate on yet, and it just barely touched the plastic plate holder area - literally no damage, but a SIGN, a WARNING from the motor-gods. I took it to heart and ordered a set of winters. Eff that noise.

    I guess the heat from driving warmed the snow enough to melt, then ice and there was zero traction once it was ice. I also know there is zero traction on icy surfaces from driving it, but parking on bumpy gravel in the icy snow on only a slight incline was what did me in. I absolutely do not trust my summer tires in the cold and ice.
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    I have experienced that several times. My driveway is steep enough, when coated with ice, to cause sliding with parking brake engaged. With the service brake engaged, it would stay still, but when only 2 tires were braked, it would slide.


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