I bought a brand new KIA Stinger, because I appreciate all the tech, but what more do I need? It's insane all that this car has, and any more just seems daunting right now. Like phones and computers have reached a plateau, I believe vehicles have finally reached a similar place.

I don't need faster, I don't need a higher resolution screen, I don't need fancier interior and re-designs don't phase me. I guess radar-cruise-control will get better and better, as emission control restrictions get tighter and tighter. I don't think lighting will surpass our current LED kit for quite some time. Every year they'll add little features, like projected "STINGER" puddle lights, but I have a really great vehicle that promises to serve me for at least the next ten years. I've never felt so secure in my ride before, so I won't give that up easily.

I bought it brand new. The only point in doing that is to keep the car indefinitely, in my opinion. It's the only way to "win" over depreciation, and the higher cost is worth it to me to know it's never been molested. I'll never even tap into the wires to install extra audio - even though the way its battery and amp is in the boot makes it so easy... I just don't want to "hurt" the factory harnesses. I'll never cut away part of the bumper cover to install a hitch for a bike rack. I'll change the oil religiously and drive it like a grandma until it's fully warmed up. This Stinger is my baby, and I'll probably go through 5-6 other cars to supplement my Stinger ownership, so "preserve" the fancy car and use the "beater" (probably going to be a KIA Soul) for running around daily-driver.