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    New brakes!

    Are those just rotors or calipers too?
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    What car are you considering after the Stinger?

    Waiting for a Launch Edition Supra to come in, delivery should be within the next few weeks.
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    Anyone considering getting the new Toyota Supra?

    Yes, black Launch Edition.
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    Anyone considering getting the new Toyota Supra?

    Mine has a delivery schedule for early July, likely mid-late July.
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    $35 annually here. Extra $50 for the personalized plate. $433 is roughly what I pay for six cars.
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    Gas prices in LA are insane

    Yikes! And here I thought paying $3 or more for premium was a sin ...
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    Door wont open

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    Anyone considering getting the new Toyota Supra?

    Yep, I have a black Launch Edition on order through the dealership where I work. A Toyota representative couldn't say the exact delivery date (ETA is from May through July).
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    Kia Optima wheels on a Stinger GT?

    Not bad (y)
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    Who waves to other Stinger owners?

    Not me, except to the driver of a blue GT AWD at work and that's because I know him.
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    2019 GT2 AWD Owner ( bought 3 weeks ago )

    Welcome to the forum! I'm in Columbus OH.
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    Dealership Multi-point Inspection & Tire Pressure

    What are the recommended pressures in kPa? What kind of tire pressure gauge do you use?
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    Just made appointment w dealer squeaky noise

    Were the brake discs covered by rust before driving?
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    Who does their own oil changes and Stinger maintenance at home?

    Well, probably not on the Stinger because it had its first oil change at the KIA dealer where it was purchased and it's complimentary. I change oil on my other 5 cars myself, but it's performed at the Toyota dealership that employs me (free use of a 2-post lift and on-site used oil and filter...
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    Are 2018 Stingers "safe" to buy?

    There isn't really a car marketed nowadays "safe" from recalls whether it's mechanical or electronic in nature. It's a series of battles that you pick and choose with any line of any automotive brand. Also, refrain from digging into the vulnerability of the electronic and wireless systems of a...
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    Same size tires front and rear on GT

    To me, 225-mm tires (on all 4 corners) seem quite narrow for a 2-ton car. I would consider 255 or wider with properly-sized wheels to match.
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    Close up look of the Kia Stinger GT undercarriage and drivetrain

    Funny, that's my observation too. It seems the use of lighter metal for suspension and chassis components is not in the design agenda.
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    New Nor Cal Member

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Costco or Sam's Club Gas - Which do you choose?

    Not enough issue to mull over.