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    Damage to rims when buying tires from Costco/Firestone?

    If I were you I wouldnt let firestone or costco do a mount and balance on a nice set of wheels. Id just buy the tires from somewhere and then go to a shop that specializes in just wheels and tires. They usually have the right equipment to handle low profile tires and larger wheel sizes. Thats...
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    New '20 Stinger GT in VA

    Lol....very good. I want the injen intakes. I've been looking at some exhausts and don't know which to get. Seems like most of them have some drone. Have you researched any?
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    New '20 Stinger GT in VA

    Looks clean. I like it. I've got an appointment coming up to get the whole nose clear bra done. Then the mods will come. 😁
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    What's a good interior cleaner y'all use?

    Ive always used 303 products to clean the interior of my cars. Works great and lasts a long time. Is available on amazon and some marine stores. Good stuff.
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    Leather protector

    I dont think it really makes a difference what product you use as long as you are using something to keep it protected. Im just going to use lexol. Has worked great for me for years and is easily available. Although I do like chemical guys products as well.
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    New Stinger Owner in Northern VA

    Thanks...I will do that once I get some pic.
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    New '20 Stinger GT in VA

    Thanks CK.
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    New '20 Stinger GT in VA

    Looking real nice. Another NOVA member here. I just picked up my 2020 stinger gt2 yesterday. Cant wait to get some more drive time in this car. Im coming from a 2016 camaro 2ss. I have to say this car is definitely an improvement. Hope you are enjoying yours. Take care.
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    New Stinger Owner in Northern VA

    Hey whats up guys and gals. Just picked up my new 2020 GT2 AWD in Federation orange yesterday. Loving it so far. Looking forward to learning more about this car and hopefully meeting some new friends. Have a great day.