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  1. spider55

    New Stinger Owner

    Welcome aboard & congratulations
  2. spider55

    FS ARK GT-F lowering springs and 20mm wheel spacers

    Welcome aboard @Brendan_Bay, move your cursor over Magicman's name & his info will pop up in a box & where it says START CONVERSATION click on that to start private message.
  3. spider55

    Shifting into Manual Mode

    Yes it's true, never liked shift by wire
  4. spider55

    New here

    Welcome aboard
  5. spider55

    First time brake job

    Welcome, you pick the jack stands under the pinch welds, it's just a tite fit. When I did mine I did one corner at a time.
  6. spider55

    Exhaust Thread

    The MBRP is a lot quieter than Borla, it is louder then stock, I personally have Magnaflow which is almost stock sounding, it's just a deeper sound then sound. If I didn't have Magnaflow I'd have MSRP.
  7. spider55

    Intercooler Thread

    JonnyTig has specific colors he uses, I ordered mine in raw form so no color & when I received the parts I took them to a friend to have them powder coated red.
  8. spider55

    Intercooler Thread

    For me it was worth the wait, I had my CAI custom made where the stock BOV tubes plug into the intake tubes, I had left off. It gives it a cleaner look. Here's a picture showing what I mean.
  9. spider55

    Exhaust Thread

    It's annoying loud, at least to me it is, but you will also get a lot of drone inside the car. You can eliminate some of the drone by installing sound matt in the truck.
  10. spider55

    Exhaust Thread

    I don't have any sound clips of Borla exhaust but I have heard one in person & let me tell you it is F ing loud.
  11. spider55

    (3.3TT) Another Front Brake/Rotor Problem... Lost For Words

    A lot of guys have bought 2 piece rotors & performance pads, I personally bought FELLA 2 piece rotors an posi performance pads, all four corners. I also bought steel braided brake lines & I also changed out the brake fluid, I can tell you that the car brakes completely different. I've never had...
  12. spider55

    Intercooler Thread

    Welcome aboard, the only mod you have to do is drill holes in the front bumper rail to month the inner cooler but NO mods on the bumper.
  13. spider55

    Driver door opened while driving

    I have not experience this either, glad it wasn't worse then what it was
  14. spider55

    Help with alignment question

    I totally understand how you feel, I do all my maintenance myself. I don't trust the dealerships as well, they charge way to much plus I'm very anal on who works on my car. I have a buddy that owns a car repair shop so I use his lifts & tools, for alignments I take it to another friend of mine...
  15. spider55

    ‘22 GT2

    Welcome & congratulations
  16. spider55

    Help with alignment question

    Try different Alignment shops in your area & if those fail take it to the dealership.
  17. spider55


    Welcome aboard, they are getting harder & harder to find. Over here on the West Coast I haven't seen any for sale.
  18. spider55

    Official Deep Chroma Blue Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    You will notice a big difference in how the car handles with front & rear sway bars. I have Whiteline endlinks, Look into Chassis Collars, those collars were one of my first mods I did. The collars will make the steering feel sharper, there's no play or delay when your turning. You can find...
  19. spider55

    First Oil change recommendation

    Welcome @Raybo, I live in Arizona, so our summers are brutal, I change my oil every year or 3k whichever comes first normally the year comes first.
  20. spider55


    Welcome aboard, just followed your IG