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    WTB Wheel spacers customize?

    Hey, guys, has anyone customized the wheel spacers? Which company is it and how long can it be shipped? I heard that BONOSS can be done in three days at the earliest, is it true? Has anyone customized the forged active cooling wheel spacers in this company, and what is the quality? Is it AL6061...
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    Wheel spacers

    I'm looking into buying a set of BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers. Is there any quality difference between H&R wheel spacers and BONOSS wheel spacers?
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    Has anyone put wheel spacers on their wheels? I've never used spacers before and would appreciate some first-hand accounts on the good and bad before I make a decision.
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    Wheel spacers

    Hi, I would like to add 12mm wheel spacers to the front, and 15mm to the rear. May I know what are the sizes of extended bolts should I use?
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    Wheel spacers size?

    I'm looking for some wheel spacers for my KIA k5, wondering what size would look best.
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    wheel spacers?

    Have you ever ordered wheel spacers online? It's my first time to know bonoss wheel spacers? have you heard it before? Any feedback or reviews?
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    wheel spacers suggest!

    Have any of you used BONOSS wheel spacers, what is the quality, and is it worth buying? www.bonoss.com
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    Wheel spacers?

    I was looking at getting some BONOSS wheel spacers on my KIA k5,, maybe 10 to 15mm but when I've looked, I'm surprised at how expensive they can be. I don't want to pay too much but can anyone please direct me to their recommendations? Cheers
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    3 Things To Consider About Wheel Spacers | BONOSS (formerly bloxsport)

    Hey,guys. many times,we want to buy wheel spacers for our cars, but what should you consider before buying it? Today, i will share some things about 3 things must be considered before you buy wheel spacers. Because safey is the most importent things for you. 1. Safety is our first consideration...
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    "Brake Active Cooling" wheel spacers

    It's the detials about "Brake Active Cooling" wheel spacers video on youtube
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    "Brake Active Cooling" wheel spacers

    Hey, guys. I find a azmazing wheel spacers, It can increase the stability and handling of our vehicles in a high speed, but the most important function is that it can reduce the thermal decy of the brakes, improve the brake efficiency, and ensure your driving Safety.