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  1. J

    Stroker kit

    does anyone know if there's a stroker kit available for the 3.3TT engines? part of me is considering ending my lease by having someone buy it or buying it myself and being a madman with it. I'm leaning towards being a madman atm. This engine stroked to 3.5 would be sick
  2. J

    Who waves to other Stinger owners?

    It'll be a while before the Stinger is widely seen as a community similar to Subarus or Hondas. It'll probably get there in a few more years.
  3. J

    FS GT AWD (Leased)

    Hey I'm posting my Stinger GT AWD for anyone that wants to buy out my lease. I need space in my garage for my American Big 3 collection and this isn't American so it has to go. I'm in lower Westchester, NY specifically New Rochelle and I got this car from Yonkers Kia (1850 Central Ave Yonkers...
  4. J

    Who waves to other Stinger owners?

    I get the feeling those of us who wave are on this forum while those that don't probably came from BMW and aren't really into the car community and car culture