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  1. Stiletto

    PPF, Ceramic Coating or both?

    Entire car is CQuartz coated and I have SunTek PPF on the front end of the car. And that also has CQuartz on it. I would never skip this on any car I care to own. The ceramic coating will help keep that factory shine, but won't do squat for protection from small debris. Conversely, the PPF...
  2. Stiletto

    Racing oil for Stinger 3.3L

    Amsoil XL or Signature outperforms other synthetic oils. It's pricey, but...racecar.
  3. Stiletto

    My Stinger at the Dyno

    Since you've been schooled on how to read forum posts chronologically, I'll leave that alone... But, I will help you understand what a dynamometer is: a measuring tool. 1 inch is 25.4 mm. So, If I posted that a male organ was 101.4mm, that might sound impressive. Until you realize that's...
  4. Stiletto

    My Stinger at the Dyno

    Welcome to the forum...making friends already, I see.
  5. Stiletto

    Lap 3 vs Tork Motorsports ECU tune

    Both ethanol and methanol are ethyl alcohols. The former is formed from natural fermentation of corn or potatoes while meth is synthesized from natural gas. Ethanol yields a better energy rate for a combustion cycle (each drop is more "powerful" than meth). Methanol is actually more corrosive...
  6. Stiletto

    Doug Demuro: "Please Stop With the Fake Badges"

    Fortunately for this community, 99% are using legit badges. Variations of the Kia logo, the Korean E badge or the script Stinger (which is now on the USDM variant).
  7. Stiletto

    Header Pipe ?

    No company makes a turbo back system except for Jonny Tig. However, theirs is a single pipe after the merge of the secondary down pipes. So, you're stuck with buying NGT or LAP3 primaries, UP primaries and secondaries kit, or the former with various brands secondaries and cat-back exhausts...
  8. Stiletto

    Carbon Fiber hood

    You are correct. The fiberglass has the exact shape the hood needs to take. The carbon fiber is laid over that. Same is true for the other parts, e.g. trunk lid, mirror caps, hatch frame.
  9. Stiletto

    Exhaust Thread

    This might do the trick. https://www.rpm-motorsports.com/store/p293/kia-stinger-gt-exhaust-resonator-delete-kit.html
  10. Stiletto

    Center Console Wrap Question

    Oracal or 3M will have quality brushed aluminum.
  11. Stiletto

    New wrap color - thoughts?

  12. Stiletto

    Starting from stock: What are the essentials to become track ready?

    What tires are you on? First, I'd replace those before mechanical bits. Next, the OEM pads won't take many laps...so those need to go. The OEM sways and links won't fail you, they'll just prevent you from going faster in the corners. Same with the subframe bolts. Lastly, don't go before...
  13. Stiletto

    Kia Stinger sub woofers

    Interesting. I wonder if they'd sell just the harness kit and enclosure. JL is decent, but you get better quality and more bass from a Sundown Audio SD4 2 ohm...and pay the same price.
  14. Stiletto

    Turns out 'recommended' Premium gas doesn't do much

    I never used the word reality. Misdirection? I didn't discuss anything outside of the topic, e.g. infotainment, tire size, Busch Gardens. Nor was my statement a red herring. Absolutely the AAA results are void if they did not use something remotely similar to scientific method to obtain the...
  15. Stiletto

    Turns out 'recommended' Premium gas doesn't do much

    @KIA-StingerGT, if you're going to claim facts, then we must do so. However, claiming the average performance increase in that test as the equivalent performance gain for the Stinger GT is a fallacy. Furthermore, the article does not denote how they obtained those increases/decreases in...
  16. Stiletto

    Blackstone oil analysis results

    Oil analysis showing the progress over 10,000 miles. Last two changes were using Royal Purple 5W-30 and Wix filter.
  17. Stiletto

    vibration after lowering with eibachs under acceleration

    No vibrations here. ARK springs though.
  18. Stiletto

    V6TT - What Turbos Does Kia Use?

    This pic is perfect! This shows how all three exhaust ports flow into the headerfold. Thanks!
  19. Stiletto

    What was your fantasy car when you were growing up?

    Y'all are missing out. The Yugo GVX was a radical machine! Ok...seriously '77 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Bandit:
  20. Stiletto

    V6TT - What Turbos Does Kia Use?

    It certainly doesn't have it's own exhaust manifold. I'd have to see the heads, but my guess is they rear cylinders feed in the the front two.