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  1. Mad Macgyver

    [ATLAS] Swaybars/Anti-roll bars any good?

    Just put Ark Performance anti-sway bars on front & rear and they make a helluva difference, and I'm pleased with the outcome. The body lean is greatly reduced, and it even seems to help steering a bit (may be perception bias). Overall, the real pain was the driver side rear bolt access was...
  2. Mad Macgyver

    New member of the state

    Welcome aboard, swap out your brake pads with high quality aftermarket pads ASAP. That said, hope you enjoy your Stinger and encounters here.
  3. Mad Macgyver

    Socal Car Meets and Shows

    Would love some info on DFW meetups too.
  4. Mad Macgyver

    (3.3TT) Another Front Brake/Rotor Problem... Lost For Words

    Yeah, let me know what route you're going. I have a GT2 and I've changed out my pads to EBC Red Stuff and I'm still having warping issues. Really disappointing. I hate having to get my rotors resurfaced or replaced every 4-6 months.
  5. Mad Macgyver

    Share your Kia Stinger phone mounts

    Are you willing to create & sell a custom 3D printed mount like this? I'm more than willing to buy. Apologies for the double post.
  6. Mad Macgyver

    Share your Kia Stinger phone mounts

    Apologies for the graininess and low quality of the picture. I don't use a mount, I just use the cord and the case of the phone to provide stability and grip. I can easily hit any climate control button so I don't see a need to get one. I wish I could change out the vent brackets like the Audi...
  7. Mad Macgyver

    Auto hold - neutral

    My only issue has been that the parking assist and stop/start function turn on or off randomly so I have to intentionally toggle those when I start. It seems the drive by wire function has not been perfected and I'm bummed that the later model years' software still struggles with this. As a...
  8. Mad Macgyver

    Ready to Pull the trigger. I hope someone can help.

    So these are my results. I drove from Little Elm, TX to Edmond, OK, and back. The route was exactly the same with a route of US380>US77>I-35>I-235 [Eco Mode]; I-235>I-35>US77>US380 [Sport Mode]. The test conditions were almost identical with dry weather, little wind, and temperature ranging...
  9. Mad Macgyver

    Ready to Pull the trigger. I hope someone can help.

    I live in North DFW so the terrain is rather flat, and I do use Premium gas either 91 or 93 octane. I have the 3.3TT. However, any turbo engine runs under high compression and premium gas is specifically designed for high compression engines. If you put low grade gas in a high compression...
  10. Mad Macgyver

    Ready to Pull the trigger. I hope someone can help.

    I know you asked for the exact model, but I have a 2018 GT2, and I routinely get over 30 MPG when I use my cruise control and hold it between 77mph and 82mph. I always have it in sport mode due to my preference for that throttle response and suspension. I have not tried ECO mode for long...
  11. Mad Macgyver

    Would you have purchased the Stinger GT Atlantica if it was available before?

    I like the car and the color is nice, but I prefer a French Racing Blue as seen on the Jaguar XKS
  12. Mad Macgyver

    Navigation Update

    Where did you download the new navigation updates?
  13. Mad Macgyver

    Just purchased a stinger!

    Greetings, and welcome aboard.
  14. Mad Macgyver

    New 20’ GT2 Stinger, first time Kia owner, Tx

    Welcome aboard. It's good to see new owners, especially here in Texas.
  15. Mad Macgyver

    stock tires on aftermarket 19x8.5 rims w/...

    I'd imagine at worst you'd only have to buy two tires. Go to a local tire shop and ask someone. But from the looks of it, you should be able to mount stock front tires on 19x8.5 rims. The front stock tires are 225/40R19 and according to the chart link below is the narrowest you can go for that...
  16. Mad Macgyver

    Flaking Silver Paint on Air Vents

    Went to the dealership and asked about it and it turns out it's a flaw that is covered by warranty. Cheers.
  17. Mad Macgyver

    Flaking Silver Paint on Air Vents

    A few days ago, I touched the middle vent casing and a big flake of paint just flew off. Has anyone seen this with their vents...and how did you address, fix, or repair it? I'm not above replacing them altogether if anyone knows if there are all aluminum or metal replacements.
  18. Mad Macgyver

    North Texas Stingers

    Welcome aboard. North DFW metroplex myself.
  19. Mad Macgyver

    New guy in Ohio

    Welcome! Love the HiChroma Red.
  20. Mad Macgyver

    Just bought the car of my dreams, now what do I do with these keys?!

    I have a ring attached to the bottom of the fob and it's serviceable. Kia kinda set you up for disapointment as it's really inelegant to use a ring or carabiner with the fob...alas.