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    How To Convert Reverse lights to LED

    Which set are you guys ordering from that link. Seems to be a $14.29, and two $15.99 options. I am electrical hand capped so not sure which ones I need.
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    Who uses an automatic car wash on their Stinger?

    Was just debating this on my way to work this morning. Car is getting filthy and it's too cold for the hose. Considering a touch less car wash followed by a nice micro fiber wipe down when i get home and in the garage.
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    SBM offering X Force Catback Exhaust

    I want to see what SSR's EVC exhaust sounds like. Got to be patient while everyone gets their parts out right now lol
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    SBM offering X Force Catback Exhaust

    you sir are the MVP. No idea why they wouldnt link their site as a signature on the forums.
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    SBM offering X Force Catback Exhaust

    Link to your website? I googled and all I got was a dirt bike and utv company in Cali.
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    Join us on our journey... SSR PERFORMANCE Power Pack 3 Development!

    Any word on EVC? Will it be cat back or axle back???
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    KiaStinger.org welcomes SSR Performance

    Any word on the EVC exhaust?
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    I honestly hope one of the tuners gets into the launch control files and fixes it. Zero reason an AWD cant do a boosted launch from 3k+ and hook up. The launch control is quite disappointing compared to competitors, still good, but needs work. You can tell Kia isn't letting her rip like she can.
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    Kia Stinger Xforce Varex Exhaust System

    I am saying this based on all the videos posted all over youtube lol. It's an opinion, ppl can have them. I personally think it sounds like a giant fart can
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    Kia Stinger Xforce Varex Exhaust System

    Personally think the Jun B.L exhaust sounds horrid so can't blame him for looking at other options.
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    Intake Thread

    Has there been a list compiled of gains from each brand? Leaning towards Stillen right now, just a much cleaner look imo and comes with heat shields.
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    Official Ceramic Silver & Ghost Grey Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    What wheels are these? Doing our wheel shopping so when the weather warms up we can order them.
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    Auto start/stop tune

    I looked and couldn't find much. Is there already or is someone working on a tune that will include fully disabling the auto start/stop feature? Just not my cup of tea.
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    Exhaust Thread

    Ive been looking for a good exhaust that isn't too loud and I think I just found it :O I am in love, wonder what drone inside is like. Can't seem to find a spot to buy it from tho :(
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    Fake hood vents need to go

    Yea my wife and I are not a fan of those reflectors earlier. Someone mentioned they had something to do with Stinger itself and was a tie in. Not sure how they relate, they just look goofy to me.
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    Fake hood vents need to go

    Someone will either make a replacement hood or kit to make the vents functional. All in due time! That's another reason I won't buy a car right when they come out, got to let the aftermarket parts get rolling first and actually see if companies take it on or if it's a dud
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    Fake hood vents need to go

    If they at least offered a solid hood option then I would be happy with that. Now they just need a few more color options and it would be good to go! Completely true! If you dig the way it looks stock, then rock on man! [rockon] I have never been on to leave a vehicle stock because I hate...
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    Fake hood vents need to go

    You have given the only good response as to why you don't want fully functional vents lol. If you like them then power to you man! But I would bet money that you would like the look better of a true heat extractor hood if they were side by side and wouldn't have noticed a difference in price
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    Fake hood vents need to go

    If ranting is posting a question and then responding to people's remarks with valid information, then these forums are already doomed lol, what a joke. I think the vehicle is a solid all around vehicle but needs work first. I have yet to receive a good response other than stingingseattle. He...