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    SLD Agency Power Intercooler, Stock Intercooler, Strut Bars & Air intake Boxes

    I have for sale Stock Intercooler, Strut bars & intake off my 2020 Kit Stinger 3.3 GT. All parts were pulled off car with less than 5000 miles on them so almost brand new. Honestly I'm not sure the value of the stock parts, i see them on the forums for all sorts of prices. Honestly just give me...
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    FS Tial BOV & Adapter

    Price drop asking $300 for it free shipping. New they go for over $400
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    FS Tial BOV & Adapter

    Selling my Tial BOV & Adapter, absolutely nothing wrong with it just decided to go with the GFB Hybrids instead. Shipping is free to any of the continental 48 states!!! PayPal or Venmo only please Asking $350 or best offer
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    FS Used Performance Parts for RWD Stinger

    Pmed on the inter cooler
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    SLD MBRP Aluminum Catback $400

    Is this still available???
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    Scratched my front bumper now what?

    Yea looks like it. Meant to say as tall as a quarter (money) and roughly 1/4” wide in length lol
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    Scratched my front bumper now what?

    Well I used fishing line and soapy water and it still pulled paint FML..... about as tall as a quarter and 1/4 wide. I need some type of scratch removal or paint to make this go away any ideas???
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    Best exhaust for a 3.3

    With a MBRP exhaust and new intakes put on does the check engine light start popping up on any of you??
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    Best exhaust for a 3.3

    Yea I’m starting to fall in love with the mbrp with every video I watch of it on a stinger lol
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    Best exhaust for a 3.3

    So I’m looking for that certain rumble. Nice rumble when it’s in idle. Or when your getting off the gas and you get that pop sound....... or maybe I’m just too used to my old evo. Any feedback or opinions? I’ve heard good things from a Borla exhaust but does it have those sounds or maybe a...
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    New 2020 Stinger GT from Arizona

    Hello, Absolutely loving my new stinger. Bought this last weekend 2020 Stinger GT 3.3 TT Will post pictures soon but it’s white with red leather interior. Absolute blast. Been a while since I’ve been in a car like this. Drove a 2008 Evo for 6 years before I switched to a Truck and now getting...
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    FS Borla Exhaust for sale $850

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    WTB Borla Exhaust for my 2020 Stinger

    Who’s got one for sale? I see them new going for $885 online now. Anyone got a used one they are wanting to sell?
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    SLD Selling borla exhaust

    Still for sale??
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    FS Borla Exhaust for sale $850

    Still have???