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  1. TurboTx

    Newcomer to the Stinger community

    Congrats on your purchase too. 👍 Is your GT1 a 22-23 model with Kia connect? If so you should be able to remote start it like Bluelink offers. Otherwise, you'd have to go aftermarket, if that's your goal. Aside from that UVO is pretty basic and limited unfortunately.
  2. TurboTx

    Need help on upgrade options!!!!

    I had a jb4 for years and it definitely gets the job done. There's a new tuner option though that people are excited about since it's a full ecu tune that can be done remotely using a handheld unit. So, easy to change maps and flash back to stock when going in for service. If you're still...
  3. TurboTx

    New 2023 Owner!!!!!!

    Congrats! Love that color combo. 👌
  4. TurboTx

    Limp mode from just an intake and exhaust??

    Is yours a 22, with the active exhaust? Mine is a 2018 and I have the Ark exhaust. People say I'm nuts but I swear the thing sounds different in eco/comfort than in sport. My theory is the engine lugs more in eco/comfort so it sounds deeper/lower but it's louder overall in sport.
  5. TurboTx

    Newcomer to the Stinger community

    Welcome. Which model did you get?
  6. TurboTx

    Limp mode from just an intake and exhaust??

    I personally never had an issue with a limp mode or CEL with just intakes and exhaust (secondaries and catback). I'm sure that's a different story once the primaries are removed; from what I've read, that's when you'd need a jb4 or tune.
  7. TurboTx

    Kia Hundai Thefts

    Supposedly it's just cars with a physical key and not cars with push-button start.
  8. TurboTx

    Is warranty covered?

    If it's happening every time I would guess something is definitely wrong and it should be covered by warranty. Are you the original owner? If so you're still within the 5 yr/60k mile portion of warranty.
  9. TurboTx

    2019 Kia Stinger GTS JB4 Install

    Man that is awful, sorry to see that. There are a lot of safety measures built into the jb4 so I can't imagine one causing catastrophic engine damage. Maybe try a different service dept and see if they'll dig deeper to see if it was an engine flaw that caused it?
  10. TurboTx

    New (to me) Stinger

    Nice looking ride 👌 I would say the biggest common complaint is pulsating brakes on the GT. It's a known issue that Kia didn't address until the latest model year. You can save yourself the headache by replacing pads, or pads AND rotors, if you want smooth, maximum brake performance. I've also...
  11. TurboTx

    Can I take my warranty to another Kia dealership?

    Standard warranty as in the factory warranty? That wouldn't cover damage caused by pothole I'm afraid.
  12. TurboTx

    NEW Owner to 2021 needs advice for vehice not starting....

    Has the selling dealer offered a buyback or any kind of resolution?
  13. TurboTx

    MY VERY FIRST POST and it has a major question - Thanks to everyone in advance for guiding me

    One of the big reasons people are getting out of them is the insane amount of money dealers are paying for them right now. I've had my 2018 4.5 years; I could sell it and get high 20s, low 30s for it easily. That's the kind of cash they're offering so a lot of people are taking them up on it...
  14. TurboTx

    New Member Stinger GT2 and new to foreign cars altogether.

    Welcome aboard and congrats on the new ride! Yes Kia has indeed come a long way. Tell her to get ready for plenty of "that's a KIA?!" comments from strangers who still don't know what it is. 😂
  15. TurboTx

    Gasoline Grade

    In my experience it doesn't seem to make much difference either way. When gas spiked I went down to 87 for the first time in years because I mentally couldn't make myself pay that much for premium. I honestly couldn't tell a difference, it idled about the same and overall mileage was about the...
  16. TurboTx

    New to Forum

    We have the exact same car. Excellent choice 👍 The jb4 is good bang for the buck. Just know that once you start modding, you probably won't be able to stop...lol
  17. TurboTx

    What is a good replacement for brakes/rotors that fit on Brembo calipers?

    There are a lot of good options out there for every budget. Personally I'm cheap so I went with drilled/slotted front rotors and pads from R1 Concepts. I only spent like 250 bucks total I believe but it made a HUGE difference. Khartunez is good and easy to work with, as is one of the newer...
  18. TurboTx

    New owner here

    Love that color (and the scenery; can't wait to get to CO and enjoy beautiful views of nature!)
  19. TurboTx

    New owner here

    Congrats! You're going to love it. 👍
  20. TurboTx

    Boost shutting off

    You might want to ask on the jb4 board. I believe there's a value in the settings you can adjust that will fix that.