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    error codes

    I just changed sparkplugs in my Stinger gt1 and now it is showing code p0123, p0222, p0444 and p2101, also the forward collision system, auto hold, engine stop, and EBS warning lights are on, any suggestions on causes?? THANKS!!
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    factory wheel specs

    I'm looking for the factory wheel specs for 18" wheels on a 2019 Stinger GT1, bolt pattern, width, and offset
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    Burn Outs??

    i have a 2019 stinger GT1 AWD and a few times did a burn out while using launch control, is there any way to do a full burnout or was that just a happen the 3 times I did??
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    In The Market

    Any luck?
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    Hello!! Just traded my 2014 Impala for a Stinger GT1!!!

    Disappointed to find the max speed is 134 (the impala beat that easy) any suggestions on a tuner to help that??? Any other mod suggestions??