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  1. StingerYYC

    Stinger takes nasty hit

    Wow that made me flinch lol
  2. StingerYYC


    Curious, why did you unplug them?
  3. StingerYYC

    Which part of Canada are you from?

    Calgary, Alberta
  4. StingerYYC

    Hello From Ontario, Canada!

    Welcome from Calgary[thumb]
  5. StingerYYC

    Test drove 2019 Stinger GT AWD - here is what happened

    I would have left right there. I hate it when dealers attempt to qualify their buyers. If it is the wheels maybe have them swap them out with the other GT1/GT2 on the lot?
  6. StingerYYC

    Need help choosing wheels!

    I like the Vossen
  7. StingerYYC

    Canadians Check-in

    Welcome aboard[cheers]
  8. StingerYYC

    Paris Auto Show

    Beautiful display. Any other cool Kia's on display that we don't get in North America?[lovekia]
  9. StingerYYC

    Canadians Check-in

    Welcome everyone, great to see more Canadians owning Stingers.
  10. StingerYYC

    New owner in Quebec!

  11. StingerYYC

    Hi Everyone, New Stinger Owner in Canada

    Welcome from Calgary.
  12. StingerYYC

    K&N Typhoon Intake Review - Completed

    Excellent read.
  13. StingerYYC

    Official Ceramic Silver & Ghost Grey Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    Where did you get the hood scoop from?
  14. StingerYYC

    Tinting taillights and E badge

    Are you going to use vinyl or spray tint?
  15. StingerYYC

    Stung in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

    Welcome from Calgary.
  16. StingerYYC

    Canadians Check-in

  17. StingerYYC

    Hello from Lethbridge AB Canada

    South Trail Kia has a great staff, I purchased mine from Northland Kia because it was closer to where I live.
  18. StingerYYC

    Hello from Lethbridge AB Canada

    Congrats! Which dealer in Calgary?