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  1. stingingseattle

    2020 Genesis GV80 revealed

    Expect to find a V-6 under the hood, possibly the twin-turbo 3.3-liter and base price around $50,000
  2. stingingseattle

    PNW Roll Call

  3. stingingseattle

    How crazy is this?

    Hopefully that kid grows up and invents a cure for cancer.
  4. stingingseattle

    Local California CBS reporter fired after jumping on, damaging cars during live news segment

    What a dope.The women were facepalming at the end. Wow.
  5. stingingseattle

    What was your fantasy car when you were growing up?

    My two favorite as a kid
  6. stingingseattle

    Hyundai/Kia New engine (3.5T and 2.5T) information

    Only 380hp? The Smartstream G3.5 T-GDi is an engine with maximum power of 380 hp (ps) and maximum torque of 54 kgf · m. Combustion system improvement. New fuel injection system and new cooling system technology. Through this, Hyundai said they have secured the world’s highest level of...
  7. stingingseattle

    Hi all

  8. stingingseattle

    Stainless steal interior

    Let us know how it turns out
  9. stingingseattle

    Stainless steal interior

    That looks very minor, try Meguiar's ScratchX
  10. stingingseattle

    What car are you considering after the Stinger?

    I'm in love with the new Corvette
  11. stingingseattle

    Who else has been stocking Amazon today for deals?

    I've done zero work today, just checking amazon for Prime day deals lol.
  12. stingingseattle

    Injen SP Short Ram Cold Air Intake System for 2.0T

    Hey fellow 2.0T owners, Injen just released their intake system for the turbo 4. Injen SP Short Ram Cold Air Intake System (Wrinkle Black) https://injen.com/i-30498167-injen-sp-short-ram-cold-air-intake-system-wrinkle-black.html Injen SP Short Ram Cold Air Intake System (Polished)...
  13. stingingseattle

    Stinger takes nasty hit

    That's insane:cry:
  14. stingingseattle

    What Did You Do With Your Stinger Today?

    Ouch that sucks. Glad they are paying for it.
  15. stingingseattle

    Post your Cold Starts

    Very nice
  16. stingingseattle

    If you bought from Galpin Kia in LA - Warning

    Wow that's insane, I would be extremely pissed off.
  17. stingingseattle

    Possible to custom order?

    You can order the Premium and swap out the front and rear bumpers.