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  1. Omegafoxx

    Stinger covid19 face mask

    Looks nice, I'm Florida myself. I just got my Stinger, but I feel like I'm washing it every 3 days due to those little fukrs! Where'd u get that mask?
  2. Omegafoxx

    Kia Stinger Ambient Lighting

    No ambient lighting under ’Lighting, User Settings’ FIX (for me): Car off, inside on left side, take fuse panel cover off, turn switch off, pull “Module 1” out, make sure it’s not blown-put it back in. Switch back on, turn car on-any luck? My story... Follow-up to my rage of not accessing...
  3. Omegafoxx

    Kia Stinger Ambient Lighting

    According to this... https://www.kiastinger.org/threads/2018-kia-stinger-features-options.129/ Thanks btw! The original sticker displays this: Multi-color interior led mood lighting It should work right🤦🏾‍♂️
  4. Omegafoxx

    A long time coming!

  5. Omegafoxx

    A long time coming!

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Item A long time coming!. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. Omegafoxx

    Kia Stinger Ambient Lighting

    Old post-but just bought a used GT....I don’t have any options for ambient lighting, 2 options in user settings is all I have. Is this something I can hook up or do a quick fix myself?