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  1. TurboTx

    Well I haven't even had my new Stinger two weeks yet and this happened yesterday!

    So sorry to see this. :( Glad you're ok and hopefully it won't be too much of a hassle getting her fixed.
  2. TurboTx

    2020 AWD Stinger GT 0 - 60!

    Impressive. Get yourself a JB4 and you'll knock off a few tenths and end up loving it even more. 👍
  3. TurboTx

    Official Deep Chroma Blue Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    It's this year's special model, called Indigo edition. It has the same drift mode AWD like the GTS from 2019 and they're limiting it to 500 units.
  4. TurboTx

    Official Deep Chroma Blue Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    Finally available in the US:
  5. TurboTx

    Downpipe/midpipe combo or WMI kit next?? W

    Trust me, you want to go with wmi, especially in that FL heat while running Injens. Besides that, if you look at the heaviest hitters on the Dragy board, they all run WMI. It's definitely the way to go and I'd do it myself if I weren't trading soon.
  6. TurboTx

    Launching at the drag strip?

    One of the good things about the jb4 is being able to see what's going on in the ecu through datalogs. I just looked at my last log while using LC; there's zero boost until 2200 rpm and throttle doesn't open all the way until 20 mph. So, you're right, LC is basically useless and the burnout...
  7. TurboTx

    Launching at the drag strip?

    While I've never tried it at a strip, I've had luck getting RPMs/boost up for a nice RWD burnout by holding the e-brake. If you disable traction and stability control, hold the e-brake while boost builds, then release it when you're ready to launch, it takes off way harder than launch control...
  8. TurboTx

    Need Help with Boost By Gear.

    It works across all maps but you really only feel the difference on higher maps and at full throttle.
  9. TurboTx

    Fun Little discoveries...

    Couple things I noticed recently on a long drive home (some may only apply GT2): -Auto high beams and swiveling lights only work if the switch is in AUTO -If using cruise while in Smart mode, it automatically selects Comfort and won't allow Eco. -If using Sport mode on the highway, it will only...
  10. TurboTx

    Fun Little discoveries...

    After two years I just discovered that if you hold the cruise button in the up position speed climbs in increments of 5 mph. All this time I was just clicking it repeatedly when trying to raise the speed.
  11. TurboTx

    What little things make you smile (or grin like an idiot)?

    Two years later and I still geek out over the self-leveling test the headlights do at startup.
  12. TurboTx

    What was your reaction the first time behind the wheel of a Stinger??

    I never even sat in or drove mine before I bought it, so, I didn't know what to expect when I took delivery and got inside the first time. I do recall being blown away though, loved the smell, the LEDs everywhere, and the low, supportive seats.
  13. TurboTx

    New Owner - 2019 Stinger AWD HiChroma Red

    My car's twin right there. Brings back memories of picking her up on a cold December night in 2017, in front of a small crowd of customers and staff (I bought the first one to arrive at the dealership and in the whole city). Enjoy!
  14. TurboTx

    LA Auto show

    What IS it with that Telluride. I wonder if it's THAT great, or if Americans are just THAT obsessed with SUVs.
  15. TurboTx

    Running 11's with jb4 map 8 wmi, dump valves, borla, injen intakes, brake switch mod.

    Here you go: https://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58613 Basically you snip a wire that tells the ECU to limit rpm's at launch, allowing you to build more boost for a better launch.
  16. TurboTx

    Funny Meme(s) & Pics

    The most wonderful time of the year....
  17. TurboTx

    Funny Meme(s) & Pics

  18. TurboTx

    Let’s get talkin’!

    Working here too. I'm currently in hour 4 and have about 16 more to go. It's pretty dead so I'm dragging. I seriously feel like I need a disco nap. :sleep:
  19. TurboTx

    Driver door opened while driving

    I've actually experienced similar, but it was a rear passenger door. There was no weight on it and no indication that a door was ajar; I took a right turn and it flew open and the panicky warning beep sounded (nearly giving me a small heart attack). It hasn't happened since and to this day I...