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  1. spider55


    You probably already know this but make sure you bring your certificate that shows that your 100% disabled, you can print it off from eBenefits website.. Or you can just call them an ask what you need to bring.. Not a problem, any time..
  2. spider55

    Programming Remote Start with Smart Key FOB

    Yes all is normal, if you start the car remotely, as soon as you open the door or truck it will turn the car off. It's supposed to do that for safety reasons. Also Welcome to the forums
  3. spider55

    New GTS Member

    Welcome @GTS-K-Stinger
  4. spider55


    As far as I know you can only have one disability plate an you have to be 100% disabled. The place I go to is Action Auto Title in South Scottsdale, 1911 N. Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale AZ 85257 480-970-0586
  5. spider55


    I just sent him a text, he mite be at work so give him a little time to get back to you..
  6. spider55


    Welcome @stump-1 stump, if you need I can call or text him for you.
  7. spider55


    Welcome to the forums Trevor, when you get a chance post a picture of your car... (y):cool:
  8. spider55

    Stinger covid19 face mask

    Go on La Bra website, should find them on the site..
  9. spider55

    Intercooler AND cold air intake?

    Welcome @Pewbangpro, do your research on all the FMIC, There's like 3 or 4 that come with cold side pipe & one that comes with merge pipe..
  10. spider55

    Well I haven't even had my new Stinger two weeks yet and this happened yesterday!

    Sorry about your accident, at least your ok, hopefully your insurance won't be an ass...
  11. spider55

    2020 AWD Stinger GT 0 - 60!

    Don't run the Denso plugs, a friend of mine ran those an had to replace them at 6000 mile plus I've heard of other stinger owners having to replace then at 4000 miles. I run the HKS M45iL plugs, they cost more but they last a long time. I have mine gapped at 26, they come gapped at 28, you can...
  12. spider55

    2020 AWD Stinger GT 0 - 60!

    You can run map2, I live in Arizona, 91oct is all we have as well. The car runs great on map2....
  13. spider55

    9 speaker upgrade

    Welcome @dkmalloy
  14. spider55

    It Took Me Almost 3 Years. '20 GT

  15. spider55

    Graham's Housewarming and Kemah Meet

    Great pictures(y)(y)(y)(y)
  16. spider55

    New owner in East TN - '20 Snow White Pearl GT2 AWD Stinger - Wow!!

    I'm pretty sure if you have nitrous system on your car it will void your warranty..
  17. spider55

    Kia Stinger Ambient Lighting

    Welcome @Omegafoxx I'm not sure if the 2018 came with the ambient lighting or not, the 19's did..
  18. spider55

    New owner in East TN - '20 Snow White Pearl GT2 AWD Stinger - Wow!!

    When you install aftermarket parts on your car you need to tell your insurance company so if your in a accident they're covered. If you don't tell them they will cover the car, but only pay out on stock parts, for example, if you have aftermarket wheels worth 4000 dollars an they get stolen they...
  19. spider55

    Stinger GT RWD vs. Honda Civic Type R

    Welcome to the forums, Yes the stinger would win
  20. spider55


    Hi Phil, I have a JB4 with fuel wires, fuel wire adapters & bluetooth, I used it for 6 months, It's been off the car since March because I got an ECU tune instead. I'd sell it for 425