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  1. robz32

    Official Deep Chroma Blue Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    WHAAT!!?...where? Its probably one of those flukes, not available on the online configuration but somehow dealers have it. Like the ones we saw with the interior color combos.
  2. robz32

    Exhaust Thread

    @mjsteelega thats great to hear. Any photos for reference. Need to do this soon.
  3. robz32

    Official Snow White Pearl Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    It is! As long as you pick one designed for the Stinger. I always recommend the SXTH Element. Outstanding quality and catches a lot of the nasty stuff. I've had it for a year. No issues. https://www.sxthelement.com/SXTHElement-33TTDCC-p/16-08-700.htm
  4. robz32

    Moving Stinger GT to Europe

    Your best option is to search for it in any euro website as that was not an option equipped for the US market. I doubt the wiring is there for it on USDM Stingers. However wiring it will not be difficult, you can either tap into the existing rear tail light harness, or you could add a switch to...
  5. robz32

    New '20 Stinger GT in VA

    Welcome aboard and congratulations on the upgrade
  6. robz32

    Navigation free update

    This download option is only available for Canada only at the moment. Not sure if they will make it available for the US as well.
  7. robz32

    Trailing arms and toe links

    Any updates @Sean R ?
  8. robz32

    New Member - Las Vegas, NV

    Welcome to the party!
  9. robz32

    New refrigerant

    Correct. R1234yf has been out for a few years, 2011 or 2012 IIRC. Also why are you needing to top off? Then AC system is a completely closed loop, where the gas does not escape or evaporates. The only time where a refill is required is when a critical component in the AC system is replaced and...
  10. robz32

    New GT owner

    Looking good. Welcome aboard!
  11. robz32

    Loving the new whip!

    Welcome aboard and congratulations. Nice color
  12. robz32

    New Member.

    Welcome aboard and congratulations! Catch cans and Intake are always a great start.
  13. robz32

    Kia Stinger CK71 Switchback DRLs for Sale

    There is no splicing needed to install these DRLs. We supply all our DRLs with T-tap connectors that allow you to tap into the factory wiring harness without cutting into it. The connectors are also removable if needed. Making these lights basically plug and play. The procedure followed in...
  14. robz32

    Who makes this Front Lip

    Here you go https://www.liquivinyl.com/kia/kiastingersplitter
  15. robz32

    New 2020 Stinger GT from Arizona

    Welcome aboard and congratulations!
  16. robz32

    multimedia screen 2019

    It will certainly fit. Whether it works or not is a different story. I'm pretty sure you will need to replace the harness and perhaps reprogram the infotainment system in order to recognize the new screen.
  17. robz32

    SLD Selling borla exhaust

    User has not logged back in since Dec 2018. Closing this thread.
  18. robz32

    NEW member

    Welcome aboard! Congratulations!
  19. robz32

    New to Kia!

    Welcome to the party...Congratulations!