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  1. Glen1023

    A Brake/Rotor Question.

    Hello all, I was washing my car today and while drying off the rims I noticed the silver (looks like the edge of a pie plate to me) part right behind the two front tires rotors that at least to me looked warped. Just looked weird to me that I wanted to ask you guys about; I hope the...
  2. Glen1023

    Metallic Clank Sound

    Good Day All, I have a 2020 AWD GT1 with approximately 1250 miles on it. When I’m going around 40mph or higher and go over a moderately sized bump/joint crack in the road where the rear of the car hops/goes straight up and down I am hear a metallic clank sound. I have not...
  3. Glen1023

    A Question

    I have had my Stinger GT1 since last Thursday and out on it 200 miles or so. My question is when I come to a calm and gingerly stop, the car has a bit of a rocking to it which is minor, but seems strange to me. I understand these brakes are way different from my 13, 14 and 16 Optimas, but it...
  4. Glen1023

    How to ?

    How do I disable the feature where every time I change the radio station, the new station shows up on the display between the tach and speedo? I’m sure it is a setting that I’m just not seeing to disable. Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. Glen1023

    Homelink Compass Flicker 2020 GT1

    Picked up my new 2020 GT1 on Thursday and my compass on the Homelink mirror flickers. I recorded this fact while facing South and East, but it does it in other directions as well; sitting still or driving. I have recalibrated the compass twice, but the problem persists. A dealership visit is in...