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  1. CKeeler

    Kia Stinger vs Camaro SS

    That’s a problem with improper suspension setup. Most “car nuts” just want to go fast in a straight line and forget to upgrade suspension and brakes.
  2. CKeeler

    Well I haven't even had my new Stinger two weeks yet and this happened yesterday!

    Sorry to hear about this. Glad to now you’re ok
  3. CKeeler

    It Took Me Almost 3 Years. '20 GT

    Looks good
  4. CKeeler

    Stinger GT RWD vs. Honda Civic Type R

    Isn’t the type R an AWD?
  5. CKeeler

    New owner in East TN - '20 Snow White Pearl GT2 AWD Stinger - Wow!!

    They’d be hard pressed to find anything. The jB4 just tells the sensors data, it doesn’t talk to the computer. The only way a dealer would be able to find out is if they looked at all the data logs and assumed the numbers that weren’t quite normal were because of a piggyback system.
  6. CKeeler

    It Took Me Almost 3 Years. '20 GT

    Congratulations and welcome!
  7. CKeeler

    Added wire and dial knob?

    Amplifier control?
  8. CKeeler

    New owner in East TN - '20 Snow White Pearl GT2 AWD Stinger - Wow!!

    Congratulations and welcome! Post up some pics when you get a chance.
  9. CKeeler

    A Brake/Rotor Question.

    Dust shield for the discs. Pretty much all disc brakes have these. They all are bent in different ways for clearance for brake hardware.
  10. CKeeler

    Metallic Clank Sound

    And everything in the spare tire area has sufficient force on it so that it won’t move? Do you have car seats in the back?
  11. CKeeler

    Metallic Clank Sound

    What’s the psi on your rear tires? I remember seeing someone had that exact problem and the psi was at like 50 still from the dealer. They said it went away after it was aired down to the correct pressure
  12. CKeeler

    New wrap color - thoughts?

    Hmmm. Interesting. Not too gaudy looking. Maybe if it had a more pearlescent look. Probably looks a lot better in person. I’d like to say keep the trim gloss black, but it’d probably look good matte black too.
  13. CKeeler

    2020 Sportage Question

    Not necessarily, but it could help it in the long run. If not, you could always try using CRC’s direct injection valve cleaner
  14. CKeeler

    Door Handle Manual Key Lock Cover just fell off?

    I’d talk to the dealership. That’s not cool on a car less than a week old.
  15. CKeeler

    Options for a muffler delete.

    Number 1: it will not void your warranty. Any dealer that tries to pull that BS on you is a dealer that doesn’t deserve your business. number 2: I’m a car guy and am very mechanically inclined with cars. One of my brother-in-laws is also a big car guy very mechanically inclined also And he...
  16. CKeeler

    Catch Can Thread

    Aaaaaand this is why a catch can is so important
  17. CKeeler

    New '20 Stinger GT in VA

    Congratulations and welcome! Good choice on color combo. I did the K badges too. I left the wheel logos cause I didn’t like the size difference in the ones I got.
  18. CKeeler

    2021 Acura TLX revealed