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    SLD RaceChip GTS Black with Bluetooth for 3.3TT

    RaceChip GTS Black with Bluetooth for sale for the 3.3TT. Works great, had absolutely no issues whatsoever. Running new or regapped plugs is recommended for best performance and safety (spark plugs are not included). Easy 3 plug wire hookup for quick 10 minute install and removal for dealer...
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    Hawk HPS 5.0 brake pad question

    Disagree. Different compound pads will change the brake bias of the car... and it could do it in a positive, neutral or negative way depending on which compound is front vs rear. The safest and most predictable bet is to have the same compound all around or a gripper compound up front. You...
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    Braking distance from 164 ft. to 154 ft.

    As someone who also tracks their car too (and other cars), I can tell you that what you want is a sticker tire (like tires with UQTG of 200 or less) and a better compound brake pad (like a race pad). I use Carbotech XP12s and XP10s for my track sessions on stock rotors and calipers. The next...
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    Stinger GT RWD vs. Honda Civic Type R

    Obviously you've never tried with lunch trays!
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    Stinger GT RWD vs. Honda Civic Type R

    On a road course, the Type R will kill the Stinger, but Stinger will win in a straight line.
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    Dedicated track tires

    My plan right now is to get 20” wheels and tires and my stock 19” wheel/tires will be Track set until I wear those tires down. At that time I may end up picking up a second set of OEM rears to make it a square setup OR I’d buy a set of 18x9” flow formed (aka rotary forged, MAT, flow forged, etc)...
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    Dedicated track tires

    What’s your track experience level? If you’re a beginner that I would highly recommend that you DO NOT upgrade your tires yet. The added grip of sticky tires will allow you to carry more speed into corners BUT will also narrow the range at which the tire will give way, leading to a potentially...
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    Arizona Roll Call

    Nice. I saw a white GT there. I came with my NSX this time. Maybe next month!
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    Kia Telluride/Soul shifter in a Stinger GT?

    I can't find any online sites that sell the 2020 Telluride/2020 Soul/2019+ Kia Forte parts to see if I can even buy it. I did come across the 2016-2018 Kia Sportage shifter and from the pictures it looks like it may work. I still like the Telluride shifter look the best, but this Sportage one...
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    What torque wrench to choose?

    I have the Harbor Freight Pittsburgh 1/2" Drive torque wrench. Actually I own 3 of them since they're so inexpensive and keep one in the car. You can find coupons to get them for $10 fairly often and they come with a plastic protective case. They're excellent for mild to moderate use, and...
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    Aftermarket Transmission control unit flash?

    My wife’s C300 isn’t a dual clutch but it’s definitely smoother and quicker in the shifts. I don’t really need it to be quicker, I just would like it smoother and more refined. A perfect example: I drove mine today and was in Sport mode driving a constant 45 mph in 2nd and manually shifted to...
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    Aftermarket Transmission control unit flash?

    I think it's fine, it's just the Kia's transmission tuning. It isn't as refined as some of the German rivals that have been doing it for years. Don't get me wrong, the I give Kia kudos for a solid effort as the Stinger's is very good, its just not as good as say my wife's 2017 Mercedes C300...
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    Aftermarket Transmission control unit flash?

    I know about the ECU flashes, but was wondering if there is any one making a transmission flash to that would re-adjust the shift logic (they have them for BMWs and VWs and a few other makes). For the most part mine is good, but there are a few shifts I noticed that are especially jerky in...
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    Autox and tracking folks what helmet are you using?

    Please do your research. DO NOT USE A MOTORCYCLE HELMET FOR A CAR. They are designed for a completely different purpose. In very general terms, Motorcycle helmets are designed for 1 large impact (your head the pavement or something else) and are generally not flame resistant. A car helmet is...
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    Kia Telluride/Soul shifter in a Stinger GT?

    Glad to see there’s options but I’m looking for more of an upscale OEM look.
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    Kia Telluride/Soul shifter in a Stinger GT?

    I’m talking about the physical knob. Looking for a quick direct plug & play replacement. I don’t think the GT2 knob would be plug & play.
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    Kia Telluride/Soul shifter in a Stinger GT?

    Anyone know if the Kia Telluride or Kia Soul shifter will fit a GT1? Love the look of the GT2 shifter but it’s electric, not mechanical so I don’t think you can swap them. I think the Telluride and Souls are mechanical so maybe it’ll work? Not digging the GT1 shifter I have, looks cheap IMO.
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    All the Sudden I'm in Manual Mode

    On my GT1, if you’ve only tapped the paddles, it goes into Manual mode but only stays there for 8 seconds or so, then switches back to automatic mode. The only mode that it doesn’t auto switch back is in Sport in which case you can just hold right paddle down for 3 seconds and it goes back to...
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    FM Radio Reception - Comes and Goes?

    My 2019 Owner's manual (pg 4-164) states "The shark fin antenna will receive both AM and FM signals and the transmit data." There's no mention of a glass antenna. Must of been a change from 2018s to 2019s.. Anyway, I notice my FM reception going in and out as well, but it appears to be...
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    Arizona Roll Call

    I'm really surprised how quickly mine cools down after sitting in the 107 degree heat here. My two other cars are a Red 1995 Acura NSX and a Blue 2008 Mazdaspeed 3 and those take over three times as long to cool to a comfortable temperature than my white GT1. All cars are tinted.