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  1. Cocoa Bob

    Bank one and bank two when referring to O2 sensors

    Which is which? I have a P0157 code, and it says O2 on my code scanner "O2 circuit low voltage (bank 2, sensor 2). I'm guessing passenger side, after CAT sensor but I just want to verify. Thanks in advance
  2. Cocoa Bob

    Kia Stinger Wheel Size, Bolt Pattern, Offset & Tire Information

    It's been a while since looking at this thread. I would still like to find out if the voids in teh wheel, in between the lug holes are at least 14 mm depth so I don't have to replace studs. Anyone have a set of 19x8 or 8.5's B-type GT wheels off their car that could measure the depth of the...
  3. Cocoa Bob

    Kia Stinger Wheel Size, Bolt Pattern, Offset & Tire Information

    POS VET, Very nice image of the inside of the rim. Has or does anyone taken, or know the depth measurements of the voids in between the lug holes? I am thinking of picking up some 15 mm hub centric wheel spacers and I need at least 14 mm of void depth unless I want to replace all the lugs with...
  4. Cocoa Bob

    Sway Bars and where to buy them.

    Didn't bother with grease zirks. No need in my honest opinion. Front has plenty of protection from the under belly shield and the back is far enough up over the chassis that not much moisture will be able to wash the poly grease out of the bushing. Good to go and much improved handling with a...
  5. Cocoa Bob

    White line sway bars

    Install complete. There is a moderate improvement in the longest mounting hole position. The shorter position has a definite "Track" feel to it. Not too sure I want that on a daily driver. So I experimented with using the longest hole position and shortened up the adjustable end links and found...
  6. Cocoa Bob

    Sway Bars and where to buy them.

    Received mine (Sway bars with end links) Thursday. I'll be headed out to my shop to install them in a few minutes. I may still add a grease zirk to the bushing mount but I will have to take a good look at everything first. Even though it has taken a little bit to receive them, I still can't say...
  7. Cocoa Bob

    White line sway bars

    Well, I got mine in Thursday (sway bars and end links), so as soon as the cobwebs are out of my head, I'll be doing the install. Thanks @CKeeler for the images. It should give me an idea of what I'm looking forward to. Should be as easy as the Steeda sway bars were for my Focus ST and Fusion...
  8. Cocoa Bob

    Sway Bars and where to buy them.

    (UPDATE) Pro Line Tuners Called (Oscar), COVID-19 Strikes again... Back-Order from White Line, looks like delivery will not happen until last half of October. Good thing I don't have a track date to go and have to have these things. Heck, I've waited two years to do any serious bolt on mods. I...
  9. Cocoa Bob

    Sway Bars and where to buy them.

    Well, Just ordered the White Line bars with adjustable end links both front and rear for $490 Shipped from Pro Import Tuners. You were right Lakewood Ranch...Anthony is the best. The "State" drop down box on the "on-line" order form some how defaulted to AL not Florida which I selected. I...
  10. Cocoa Bob

    Just bought my first car, used 2018 Stinger GT1

    Hmm <thinks to self> I'm gonna have to talk to my 2018 AWD about not paying attention to it's own speed governor.
  11. Cocoa Bob

    [ATLAS] Swaybars/Anti-roll bars any good?

    Sure would be nice if there were any specs or part numbers. I can't seem to find any on line. The link above just goes to the typical ebay crap.
  12. Cocoa Bob

    Anyone else considering the Kia Telluride?

    I have a vacation coming up in a little over a week. The wife and I usually rent a full size SUV just for the extra room and I would LOVE to find a rental company to rent one. Don't know of any carrying them though so I'll probably end up getting another Nissan Armada or something similar.
  13. Cocoa Bob

    Vent visors?? Has anyone seen

    Well, here it is August 2018 and still no joy with vent visors except the tacky chrome monstrosities' shown above. It sure would be nice if these "suppliers" would get something that looks good and are built good out onto the market.
  14. Cocoa Bob

    Well, I finally did it...

    Congrats Murlinator. Love that color. The dealer I bought my Ceramic Silver GT2 Had a 2.0 in that color, and it is awesome in person. You were asking about drop-in filters in the factory box vs. Cold Air Intakes. I have done a bunch of this with previous cars including the current GT2, and from...
  15. Cocoa Bob

    Intake Thread

    THANK YOU K&N!!! And Thank You Phildeez!!! [rockon] Order being placed as soon as I get home from work today.
  16. Cocoa Bob

    Magna flow upgrade

    Dave, do you remember what the MagnaFlow part number was? 11226 (I think that is a 14 inch body) or the 14363 (which has the 11 inch body) Also, did your shop already have the single in, to double out "Y" pipe on hand for the outlet end of the mufflers?
  17. Cocoa Bob

    Magna flow upgrade

    Time to visit the local muffler shop me thinks. Thanks for the clip Dave. [twothumb]
  18. Cocoa Bob

    Magna flow upgrade

    I would also like to hear what they sound like on the Stinger, I've used MF on 2 liter eccoboost motors and love the sound. They did a good job fabricating for you, congrats
  19. Cocoa Bob

    Kia Stinger Age Demographics

    Add 10 more years and we're still the same torbach... Ha ha ha!
  20. Cocoa Bob

    FL Stinger Owners

    Well, I'm in Cocoa if you couldn't figure it out by the name [:p], Ceramic Silver GT2 AWD. Tim, Have you had it to Bithlo Yet?