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    Kia OBD-II Error Codes

    Hey im getting a P0050 code. I clear the codes by doing the following (as directed by someone at JB4). Hit the start engine button three times without touching the brake, hit the delete codes button in the app. I start the car and the check engine light is gone. However every single time i shut...
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    WTB Wagner Intercooler Air Ducts

    Looking for just the carbon fiber air ducts that come optional with the wagner intercooler
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    Rattle noise

    Didn’t watch the video above so not sure if that includes this but in case it doesn’t … here is the OEM fix for the rattle. Replaces the pad and adds two bushings on each side. Costs $2. Part number is 81738-J5010qqk (Washer Pad)...
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    WANTED - OEM 18" Tire & Wheel Set

    Havent found a set yet, and yeah i tried both those options. still looking! I figured it would take a little while. they go fast when they are available because most are 19" when i finally find a 18" set, if i miss it by a day they're already sold.
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    WANTED - OEM 18" Tire & Wheel Set

    Anyone have a set of OEM 18" Tire and Wheel set they would like to sell? Preferably black wrapped or painted but if not, i'm still interested. I am looking to run a set of black rims (possibly OEM if i could find a set for sale already painted/wrapped) for the summer and OEM for winter. Live...
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    FS 18" GT oem wheels and tires. Sold

    I'd like to purchase if still available. Live in Oxford CT so can definitely find a time to meet.