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    Since I've owned my car I've taken it to kia to service the 3.3 but I've just built a new shop complete with lift and I'll start servicing it myself, that being said my question is what oil should I use, the thin weight that kia uses or something a little heavier? I live in the southeast US...
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    I own a 2019 GTS RWD that I bought 5 months ago with 5k on it and it runs strong, handles flawlessly and I couldn't be happier however something that has happened several times but not often or consistently is I'll make a turn normally or could just be driving and the Autohold and EPB lights on...
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    Just purchased a stinger!

    How'd all! I just bought myself a stinger GT S (RWD) and having a blast getting to know the car and her mannerisms! I'm looking forward to speaking with other owners and comparing notes both pro and con, have a great day