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  1. luv2drive

    Tire size upgrade stock 2019 GT1 wheels pics

    For those who wanted to see pics of larger tires on stock GT wheels. Front 245/40R19 Rear 275/35R19 Fits front and rear with no issues.
  2. luv2drive

    Tire/Wheel Picture Request

    Time to replace my stock tires on my 2019 GT1. I have the staggered OEM 19 inch wheels setup. Was thinking of going to the following on the OEM 19" wheels: Front: 245/40/19 Rear: 275/35/19 Anyone have a picture from the rear to see how the new width looks? Also a picture of of both...
  3. luv2drive

    FS 2019 OEM 19" Wheels

    Have a set of 19" OEM 2019 GT1 wheels. All four wheels where balance. They do have curb rash. No TPS. No center cap. Looking to sell ASAP. From the Philadelphia area. Willing to ship. Message me if interested. -Martin
  4. luv2drive

    Help - SWP GT1 - Key cover fell off Drivers Door - Repaint Issues - Black Out Door Handles ?

    I have a 2019 GT1 Snow White Pearl (SWP). Couple of weeks ago the plastic key cover broke off and fell to the ground. All I did was open the door and it fell off. I have owned the car since new and have never take it off. That said, the part hit the concrete and marked it up...but I could...
  5. luv2drive

    FS 2019 Stinger GT OEM Rims For Sale 19"

    Stinger GT 2019 GT1 OEM Rims 19" for sale. I have one front and two rear OEM rims. Just the rims. No center cap and no TPS. They are round and balanced but two of the three rims have curb rash. One rear rim is perfect with no rash. Other two.. One front and One rear have curb rash...
  6. luv2drive

    Kia Stinger Techical Story

    Interesting video given by Kia representative.
  7. luv2drive

    Doug DeMuro - I Bought a Kia Stinger GT! (And Here's Why)

    For those of you who watch YouTube car channels you may know Doug DeMuro. He has over 3.5 Million subscribers on his channel. He is well known in regards to reviewing cars and is very particular. This is a wonderful "shout out" for our car and brand. If you want to see the original review...
  8. luv2drive

    Center Console Wrap Question

    For those have have the aluminum center console trim may realize that it soft and dents / scratches easily. Was wondering if anybody has done a wrap of the console and how it worked out? Was thinking about a carbon fiber wrap which will protect it some and hide the current marks. I have a...
  9. luv2drive

    2021 Stinger Pics

    A good guess.
  10. luv2drive

    2020 Kia Stinger vs. 2020 Audi A7 Comparison

    I tend to agree with evaluation. What do you guys think? https://www.kbb.com/articles/car-news/2020-kia-stinger-vs-2020-audi-a7-comparison/
  11. luv2drive

    KIA brand top selling in USA

  12. luv2drive

    KIA...History in the making...15 Facts

  13. luv2drive

    Kia Stinger: Best Hatchback To Buy 2020

    Telling us what we already know ;) https://www.thecarconnection.com/news/1126634_kia-stinger-best-hatchback-to-buy-2020
  14. luv2drive

    Kia Stinger GT Long-Term Test Wrap: Balance Is Key

  15. luv2drive

    Kia Is Getting a New Logo

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30222126/kia-new-logo/ What do you guys think?
  16. luv2drive

    2021 Kia Stinger Refresh...

    Pretty early in R&D process but this is what I have been reading so far about the 2021 refresh... In general face lift will likely be receiving new bumpers, headlights and radiator grille, as well as a digital dashboard and a redesigned infotainment system. Possible changes to the 2021 Kia...
  17. luv2drive

    15 Luxury Cars We'd Buy Over The Tesla Model 3

    Stinger is a favored Luxury Car https://www.hotcars.com/15-luxury-cars-wed-buy-over-the-tesla-model-3/
  18. luv2drive

    The Stinger Provides Ample Evidence That Kia Is All Grown Up

  19. luv2drive

    20 Sports Luxury Cars We'd Buy Over The BMW M3

    https://www.thethings.com/20-sports-luxury-cars-wed-buy-over-the-bmw-m3/ Stinger is number 2 on the list. In good company for sure....Quite a list. I also looked at several of these models before purchasing my 2019 GT1.
  20. luv2drive

    2020 Kia Stinger News..Some changes.