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    Got my coilovers installed...

    What made you choose that brand? Was it based on recommendations or pricing?
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    Next-generation Kia Optima spied

    Expect to see the car revealed sometime next year. The reason is that the Sonata it's based on is nearly on sale, so a lot of the Optima's development is probably finished. It will likely share the Sonata's powertrains, which for now include a 191-horsepower naturally aspirated 2.5-liter...
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    Stung in Sin City

    Was it just a car show meet?
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    New tariffs on imported cars may be imposed next week

    No mention of Korea being exempt in this article. European auto stocks extended losses on Tuesday after a German magazine reported that U.S. President Donald Trump could impose tariffs on imported cars from next week. Wirtschaftswoche cited "EU sources" as saying a U.S. Department of Commerce...
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    Do you think Kia's quality will suffer if the 25 percent tariff is imposed?

    With all these discussions about tariffs being imposed on imports do you think Kia will start using more cheap materials as a way to cut cost?
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    Who's been seeing more Kia Stinger commercials lately?

    Lately I've been seeing this Kia Stinger commercial pop-up quite a bit on my local and cable channels. Anyone else seeing this too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQOrhBbNaXg
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    New member from central IL

    Hi there. I just bought a 2018 Kia Stinger GT on Monday! Can't wait to get it out and play!