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  1. spider55


    Welcome & congratulations, you're going to feel a big difference when you drive the stinger.
  2. spider55

    New (to me) Stinger

    Welcome & congratulations
  3. spider55

    Newbie in Stinger world

    Welcome & congratulations
  4. spider55

    What is a good replacement for brakes/rotors that fit on Brembo calipers?

    Look on this website, they have multiple pads to choose from. Stinger (khartunerz.com)
  5. spider55

    Unreal traction thru deep puddles

    Welcome & congratulations, post some photo's
  6. spider55

    Any Kia Stinger car meets coming up in SoCal?

    Welcome aboard, I do believe they just had one, but they do have them all the time.
  7. spider55

    MY VERY FIRST POST and it has a major question - Thanks to everyone in advance for guiding me

    There's a lot of stingers for sale with low miles because people couldn't afford after they got it, also Covid has a lot to do with it. I've had my car since 2019, I'm very happy with it. The overheating problem is that people don't check the overflow tank, so it doesn't get too low. If the tank...
  8. spider55

    2019 2.0L Base KIA stinger speaker/amp/sub/door card install completed. 15 speaker Harmon Kardon

    If you get a shop that knows what they're doing you can put what ever you want in it. Here's my setup
  9. spider55

    New to Forum

    Welcome & congratulations, post some photo's
  10. spider55

    Cincinnati/Northern KY mechanic

    Welcome, post some photo's when you get a chance
  11. spider55

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    Welcome, yes you can
  12. spider55

    Base Stinger Halogen Swap

    Welcome @joshhanley
  13. spider55

    New member - 22 GT2

    Welcome & congratulations
  14. spider55

    2022 GT2 Engine stutter/lugging?

    Congratulations, post some photo's when you get a chance
  15. spider55

    My new addition to the family

    I just picked this up yesterday, should receive it by the 20th of this month. Brand new 2021 ZX10RR, they only made 500 of this model, this number 97.
  16. spider55


    Welcome, it's probably a lose wire. I don't use the wireless charging I actually use a USB to charge my phone, my phone doesn't fit.
  17. spider55

    New member of the state

    Welcome aboard
  18. spider55


    Welcome aboard, it's not hard to navigate your way around the site, if you click on ACTIVE TOPICS atop the page those are Topics being talked about. If you click on GARAGES that's where you can find peoples builds & GALLERY is where you can find photos of people's cars. If you click on FORUMS...
  19. spider55

    My 2018 GT1 throttles me even after disabling traction for the full 5 seconds

    Welcome, yes you can change it out, as far as I know John with Tork Motorsports sells them. Here's the website, contact him to make sure you know what it takes to change it out.. OEM LSD – Tork Motorsports