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    Has anyone with a tune got into the 11's?

    I've seen local stingers run 11s with as little as intakes, catback and water meth injection plus the requisite jb4 tune (also sticky enough tires). I'm there except for the WMI...on the fence with that. Good luck if that's where you're heading
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    2022 Kia Stinger

    it depends what you want to do with the car. If you don't care about max power than the 2.5 seems perfect - same appearance, etc. I personally wanted the most power possible from the car - within reason. The car's great so I'd definitely recommend the 4cyl version to anyone interested in the...
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    2020 Stinger GT Indigo Edition

    it is a neat color. We would have bought it if available in 2018. We considered buying a second stinger when the color came out recently but haven't gone that far yet. We love the stinger
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    Exhaust Thread

    I also like the deeper tone. I'd characterize it as very little drone. It's more than stock, but not annoying and only in one condition I've observed - about 1700rpm on a slight incline on a highway. Nobody else in the car has mentioned a "drone" so it may just be me looking for it because...
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    Exhaust Thread

    I just installed a thermal R&D - from the audio clips and overall design it seems quite similar to the MBRP, however a little more $ and no X crossover. The Thermal is polished 304 SS
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    2021 KIA Stinger vs. Telluride vs. Genesis G80

    That's what I'd do! Hope you enjoy.
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    2021 KIA Stinger vs. Telluride vs. Genesis G80

    Seems like a strange combination to cross shop (sedan vs SUV), but I like the durango SRT and Stinger most in the lot. Those are the sportiest of the four vehicles you mentioned - the stinger winning the prize of course. I've found the durango to be one of the better handling SUVs out there...
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    19s or 20s??

    I'll be shopping for 18-19". Simply not enough tire on the wheel for me if you go any larger - from a damage, aesthetic, and comfort perspective.
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    Found my dream car!

    welcome - we still love the car after 2yrs. Hope you do too
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    Curious about previous rides...

    1983 Audi Coupe Quattro Turbo (aka UR-quattro) 1991 Ford Probe GT (turbo) 1969 cutlass S convertible (still have it) 2003 subaru WRX (modded DD - still have it) 2004 Mazda 6s (wife's - still have it) 2018 Chrysler Pacifica (great van - still have it) 2018 Stinger GT (quite pleased with it!)
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    (GT 3.3TT RWD) Tires For Winter / Unsure The Risks

    Yes, sounds like you'll be fine with winter tires in summer. If you get the itch for more performance you can change tires. A compromise are the sport winter tires - not sure if they have them in your size, but that's what I run on my wrx in winter...they use winter tire compound, but better...
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    (GT 3.3TT RWD) Tires For Winter / Unsure The Risks

    I've used the conti DWS with good success as all seasons (mazda6). I think you choose correctly with the all seasons given the constraints. To the other comments on the thread - snow tires in summer aren't bad. Sure, they're soft and won't handle well compared to an all season, but I've been...
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    Let's see your window tint

    35% ceramic on sides+rear; 70% on windshield
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    What oil type is going in your Kia Stinger? Synthetic, Synthetic Blend or Regular Oil?

    I've been using pennzoil full synthetic for a couple years now...was always mobil 1
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    Which aftermarket intake brand are you running in your Stinger?

    I just installed the AEM - I found it the best value for what was important to me - good insulation from the hot engine bay, reasonable price. Of course it let's in a lot of air as the others do and sounds similar. I'm interested to know how long the dry filters last, but they sound decent from...
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    Who does their own oil changes and Stinger maintenance at home?

    Yep - do all my own work. First oil change done already. I was fortunate to get a 2post lift recently, but it was in-use for awhile when I had to change stinger oil so I built some wood ramps. I also installed new plugs and oil CC so far. I think there's a decent # of folks on these forums doing...
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    Fellow lurkers... why haven't you bought a Stinger yet?

    Nice and welcome SpaceGhost - good process to scope things out before the investment. I suspect you'll be pleased for many years with the car. I plan to head to your area Needham/Dedham in the next few weeks for work - I'll keep my eyes out for your stinger!
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    Anyone tried taking their AWD Stinger off-road?

    you assume low profile tires; definitely don't try with summer tires if that's not obvious. Rally or any race car has a "harsh" suspension. Yes, road car suspensions have less travel than rally setups, but most folks having fun in these cars aren't doing extreme rallying (jumps, etc.) and don't...
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    Anyone tried taking their AWD Stinger off-road?

    What? I've taken my 03 WRX on dirt, gravel, snow, mud as often as I can - it's got a LSD in center and rear - it does great. The only thing it can't handle is large holes or boulders, logs where you need large ground clearance The Stinger is a different animal though - which may be your point...
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    Considering a Regal GS... talk me out of it

    Buick is sharp and a nice car without a doubt, however, I believe the rear legroom is better on stinger (important aspect for me buying a sedan with kids) plus I enjoy turbo cars for ease of power tuning and the way boost comes on. Either way both cars are unique where you won't see too many...