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    LAP3 USA Kia Stinger Tuning

    Does the 2.0T Stinger have an adjustable electronic voltage wastegate actuator as the Optima\Sonata? I've snooped around the forum though I see naught on Stinger 2.0T actuator voltage settings. The voltage settings appear somewhat written in stone for the Optima, 4.1-4.2V, \Sonata, 3.9-4.0...
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    LAP3 Uncle Chip review

    From original post starting on Jan 20, 2018 to this post on Feb 8, 2018 . Now the next three pages have been dominated by Keith until it died out. Nothing wrong there, he's knowledgeable on the Uncle and shares info, but just another thread about the Uncle chip that starts off rosy though...
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    Who's experienced issues with the Lap 3 Uncle Chip?

    And less than a month later, after the post w/2 months under the proverbial belt, the uncle chip is back on the market. What gives?
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    LAP3 Uncle Chip review

    " ... and -- the AIR-FUEL-RATIO (AFR) always remains below the level that predisposes to detonation in the cylinders? " A bit over a year on this thread, yet I'm curious on the three digit settings & changes they represent. The three dials originally were recommended at 666 for 93 octane, 755...