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  1. TurboTx

    Pothole 1 - Stinger 0

    I definitely feel your pain, same thing happened to me last summer. The sound it makes when you hit a pothole big enough to blow a tire is sickening. The only bright side in my case was it happened near a tire shop, and they mounted the spare for me for free. I did NOT want to have to do it in...
  2. TurboTx

    Made 9k on my leased base awd stinger

    Now is definitely a great time to be a seller. I've had some insane offers on my GT2 but I'm holding on to it, for now. If I didn't loathe car dealers and car buying so much I would probably be in a new GT2 by now. But I'm having a hard time digesting paying more than I did 4 years ago, and mine...
  3. TurboTx

    Just got my Stinger!

    Welcome and congrats on the purchase! I think you'll enjoy every minute behind the wheel, but try not to get bitten by the mod bug. Trust me, once you start adding power, you'll just want more and more. 😂 I have the ark catback and to me and my ears, it's the best exhaust for the 3.3. I have...
  4. TurboTx

    Smart cruise control

    I have only used SCC a handful of times in 4 years, to be honest. The only times I've found it useful were those rare times I'm stuck in slow-moving traffic, like when people are rubbernecking an accident. Other than that, I don't much care for it. People here will quickly jump in between you...
  5. TurboTx

    Time elapsed option

    Not sure about the 22 but on the 18-21, you can view that screen continuously by selecting the drive mode menu and scrolling down to the Drive Info screen. It should be right before or after the instant mpg monitor you have selected in the pic. They've changed so many things I'm not sure if...
  6. TurboTx

    Smart cruise control

    That makes NO sense at all, there's a way to turn off every other driving aid with these cars, why would they make SCC non-defeatable. I did some looking around and apparently it's the same on the new K5, and owners hate it. If enough people complain maybe they'll release a software update...
  7. TurboTx

    Engine bogging down during launch mode run!

    This is going to sound silly I know and who knows if it will do anything, but it certainly couldn't hurt to try; have you tried disconnecting the battery for awhile to completely reset everything? That's what I used to do when I would start having timing issues and it always amazed me how much...
  8. TurboTx

    JB4 for 2022 Stinger Gt-line 2.5L & Stock Draggy Results 0 - 60, 5 - 60 roll

    I love that 5-60 mph test since it removes launching from the equation. My best before I went back to stock was 4.1, easily on par with some of the German heavyhitters 💪. As for your limpmode, sounds like it's triggering safety for some reason. Are you registered on the jb4 board? Any logs you...
  9. TurboTx

    Canadian vs. US Stinger

    Kia is making some wacky choices with their badging. Here's the updated UK Stinger, where they still use the old Kia badge....
  10. TurboTx

    JB4 for 2022 Stinger Gt-line 2.5L & Stock Draggy Results 0 - 60, 5 - 60 roll

    Nice, that should be a little rocket, easily as quick as a stock GT, without the mpg penalty.
  11. TurboTx

    JB4 for 2022 Stinger Gt-line 2.5L & Stock Draggy Results 0 - 60, 5 - 60 roll

    That stinks. They must be on to us and built in a way to override e-brake launches. 😂
  12. TurboTx

    JB4 for 2022 Stinger Gt-line 2.5L & Stock Draggy Results 0 - 60, 5 - 60 roll

    Respectable numbers for the 4 banger. 👍 I bet you could take some time off those numbers with an ebrake launch (holding the car in place to build more boost than launch control allows). That (or a jb4) should get you in the low 5s easily.
  13. TurboTx

    New to me 2019 GT2 Hi-Chroma Red

    Hello and welcome. Great color choice, that's what I have but mine is an early '18 rwd GT2. Congrats and enjoy, and if you have any questions, fire away. 👍
  14. TurboTx

    Fuel-It - Kia Stinger Charge Pipe Injection (CPI) Kit

    Interestingly enough, the fastest stinger and fastest g70 on the dragy leaderboard both run CPI, along with other mods and stacked with an ECU tune. Clearly it works as well as meth, especially when combined with other mods. It's an intriguing option for those who don't want to mess with meth...
  15. TurboTx

    Smart cruise control

    Lol what in the world is going on with your cruise. Here's the manual I found....
  16. TurboTx

    Smart cruise control

    I found the '22 manual online and it looks like they changed how to cancel SCC. Instead of holding the distance button, you hold the button to the left of it, the one right under the 'OK' toggle. If your cruise sets automatically as soon as you turn it on, try tapping the brake to disable it...
  17. TurboTx

    Creaky sounding steering wheel

    I have the same issue but it's so intermittent I've never brought it up at service appointments. Keep us posted; if it's an easy fix I may look into it.
  18. TurboTx

    My Stinger at the Dyno

    Imagine being desperate enough to dig through the OP's old messages to prove he's right, and still being wrong. 😂
  19. TurboTx

    My Stinger at the Dyno

    You could maybe tone it down a notch, being this combative is not necessary or constructive. If you paid attention to the post date you would see this thread was started right after the Stinger came out; at the time there were no tunes, piggybacks or anything really, other than exhaust, which...
  20. TurboTx

    First Time Stinger Owner

    Man that sucks. I've been in that situation, where the excitement about picking up a new car dissipates when something about the car or deal isn't what you expected. That's a lot of money to spend on something you're not sure you'll be happy with. Are you 100% set on the 22 model? Any chance...