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  1. robz32


    Welcome aboard and congratulations
  2. robz32

    Cold air intake and exhaust

    another vote here for the JT intakes and IC. I am also running a TubiStyle variable exhaust
  3. robz32

    Backup camera randomly fails

    looks like either a loose camera or module connection or a failing camera. That video should be enough evidence for the dealer to cover the repair for you.
  4. robz32

    I put in a LSD in my 3.3 GT

    was it just a plug an play job? or were there additional parts needed in order to install it
  5. robz32

    FS: 2x HKS SQV4 Blow Off Valves

    GLWS I may take them if you still have them three weeks from now.
  6. robz32

    Just joined the team....

    Welcome and congratulations!!
  7. robz32

    Looking for 500 whp

    SSR is no longer making the intakes
  8. robz32

    Danny5's GT1 BluBeri

    It's fun. It's just reserved for certain occasions ;)
  9. robz32

    Danny5's GT1 BluBeri

    It is also known as the brake snip switch @Yusri Sharifuddin, it basically cuts the signal from the brake pedal to the ECU allowing you to build more boost while on launch control, and will also allow for wheel spin as the traction control is off.
  10. robz32

    New member from Chicago

    Looking good. Welcome aboard!
  11. robz32

    Can bus control module coming soon

    Wow that is a legit DYI. Thank you for sharing.
  12. robz32

    Can bus control module coming soon

    Awesome!!! Any chance you can post it here? For easier access
  13. robz32


    Welcome aboard!!....any photos of said beauty?
  14. robz32

    Just joined the team....

    Welcome aboard and congratulations!
  15. robz32

    Need Opinions

    I say the black K looks great!!
  16. robz32

    CK71 DRL installed

    Looking good. Glad you are enjoying them.
  17. robz32

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    +35mm is 5mm too high and will stick out for a 10, I'd wager a +40mm will sit just right.
  18. robz32

    Hi! New member from Alaska! (Have a question on wheels)

    Welcome aboard! Yes, those will fit.
  19. robz32

    Found my dream car!

    Welcome aboard and congratulations. Looking good.
  20. robz32

    Hey, from Maryland

    Welcome aboard. Nice looking color