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  1. kezzer

    Why Mustangs continue to have a bad reputation at Cars and Coffee

    Won't I don't understand is that does he continue to apply more throttle when he's obviously losing traction.
  2. kezzer

    New Toyota Concept Styling - very Stinger-like!

    I agree very Stinger like
  3. kezzer

    Funny Meme(s) & Pics

  4. kezzer

    Kia has just released the Mohave for the Korean Market

    I like it better than the Telluride. Hope it does come to North America.
  5. kezzer

    LED Headlights from GT fitted on to Base model ?

    I would think the headlight housing should bolt right up since it's a self contained unit
  6. kezzer


    Welcome from Canada[welcome]
  7. kezzer

    Which part of Canada are you from?

    Thanks bro, it's a pain to maintain during winter but I like the simple colors.
  8. kezzer

    Which part of Canada are you from?

    Welcome to the group @Stinger2019
  9. kezzer

    Funny Meme(s) & Pics

  10. kezzer

    Let’s get talkin’!

    I still enjoy this forum over the FB groups. Same thing gets posted over and over in those places. I'll be getting my winter tires up soon.
  11. kezzer

    First mods!

    Looking great
  12. kezzer

    New Stinger GT2 Owner

  13. kezzer

    Anyone tried the car capsule?

  14. kezzer


    Glad it was only isolated to the bumper. Welcome to the forums
  15. kezzer


    Supra needs a better driver, still very nice run
  16. kezzer

    How Many Miles Year 1 in your Stinger?

    I did about 7k miles in one year.
  17. kezzer

    Hi all

    Welcome aboard
  18. kezzer

    Next-generation Kia Optima spied

    Wonder if the 2.0T will get a bump in HP.
  19. kezzer

    Kia Is Paying Dealers Up To $3,000 To Sell More Stingers

    You can probably combine that $3k discount into the lease and save even more.