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  1. robz32

    How to install CK71 DRLs

    Tools required: Flat head screw driver Phillips screw driver Plastic trim removal tool (to remove plastic clips) Long needle nose plier With the front bumper removed. Place it facing down, so that you will be able to remove the side air ducts. NOTE: Place some towels or rags under the...
  2. robz32

    Kia Stinger CK71 Switchback DRLs for Sale

    Finally, an OEM quality DRL fitting of the Stinger The CK71 DRLs are Stinger specific, built with the utmost attention to quality and detail to achieve a factory look, built with care by Stinger Owners for Stinger Owners! This is not your regular LED light retrofit. The CK71 DRLs are 100%...
  3. robz32

    Hyundai/Kia New engine (3.5T and 2.5T) information

    Some info on the upcoming engines from Hyundai which will see duty in the Genesis, Hyundai and KIA vehicles. https://thekoreancarblog.com/2019/1...-t-gdi-3-0-diesel-and-8-dct-wet-transmission/
  4. robz32

    New Widebody KIA Stinger video

    Great video showcasing Nick's from Khartunerz Kia Stinger.
  5. robz32

    Secret GDi Engine Killer -LSPI- Low Speed Pre-Ignition

    Hey guys, here is a great series of videos explaining why Low speed pre-ignition is called "The Silent GDI engine Killer" The videos explain causes, prevention, and mitigation procedures in order to keep your GDI engines running as best as possible. From the videos you will see why GDI...
  6. robz32

    Stingers needed in the Ohio area for R&D

    Ohio area vendor is needing a 3.3 and a 2.0 Stinger for R&D. Car will be needed for maybe a day. Let me know. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  7. robz32

    Stinger Top speed run. Using LC.

  8. robz32

    Do performance drop-in air filters work? (answer inside)

    Great test and consistent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS69owXpGdY
  9. robz32

    Kia Stinger in World's Greatest Drag Race

    The guys at MotorTrend feature the Kia Stinger 3.3TT against some of the toughest competitors out there and, in my opinion it did very well, considering most of its competitors costs 3 or 4 times more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQGg9NRun08
  10. robz32

    Agency Power Air Intake and Intercooler

    Just came across this video from Vivid Racing displaying the new Agency Power air intake and new Intercooler upgrade. BONUS: BOV's shown at the end of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFOJdovZbQY
  11. robz32

    Kia Stinger PS573 Radio Fade is no longer centered

    I just came back form picking up my Stinger from the dealer after they performed the PS573 (this is the official pit stop bulletin released by KIA to address the issue), which involves a head unit replacement to fix the issue with the fader moving to rear speakers randomly. No software update...
  12. robz32

    Stinger @ SEMA Battle of the Builders

    Hi guys, Just came across this video, and I think it is absolutely awesome that the Stinger was considered to compete in the Battle of the Builders. To make things even more badass it is Alejandra's Stinger. I don't know her, but all I know is that she shares the same enthusiasm and love for...
  13. robz32

    Burger Motorsports BMS Stinger Tial BOV kit

    The guys at BMS are currently developing a Tial BOV kit for the Stinger . These guys are the ones responsible for creating one of the best, if not the best piggyback box currently available for Stinger, the JB4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9QQ3G4UyoI
  14. robz32

    How To install aftermarket DRLs

    Tools required 1x Short Philips screw driver 1x Long Phillips screw driver Electrical tape Wire crimpers Pliers Quick splice connect plugs (got them from amazon HERE) Get your DRLs Here...
  15. robz32

    Wagner Tuning Intercooler upgrade Petition

    Alright guys, it has come to light that the guys at Wagner Tuning may have put making an upgraded intercooler for the Stinger in the back burner. They started making a 3D model of the factory piping and intercooler, but have yet to see any updates. (see link to post below)...
  16. robz32

    Official Texas Stinger owners Meet "Stinger Swarm Meet"

    Come join the first ever Stinger Swarm meet in Austin, Texas. The Texas Kia Stinger Owners will be gathering for the first time to form a Swarm of Stingers. The event will consist of a meet and greet, lunch and cruise. Details below. What: The Texas Stinger Swarm Meet Where: Main Event (Meet &...
  17. robz32

    How to install Factory Wireless Charger on your Stinger

    Rejoice Stinger community, because alas I can confirm that the Wireless Charging feature (originally removed from the US Spec Stinger) is fully compatible with our cars and it is a PLUG AND PLAY afair. Here is the step by step guide. I did everything from the Passenger side as it allowed me to...
  18. robz32

    New Exhaust system from Thermal R&D for the Stinger

    Another great option for our platform. Not really sure if it has been posted before, but it looks good and sounds good too. Before and after https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGZYokqwAZk Installation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsovBLHZS0c
  19. robz32

    New Air suspension for Stinger GT

    For all those that are into the Stanced style here is the latest addition to the Stinger aftermarket suspension world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kuJNOEwGUE
  20. robz32

    How To Convert Reverse lights to LED

    Here is the how to guide to replace your reverse halogen bulbs with LED's. Here are the tools you will be using. 2- Plastic panel remover tools (A thin one and a medium one, can use only one, but just in case you need to pry a bit harder) 1- Ratchet 1- 10mm Socket 1- Needle nose plier 1-...