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  1. spider55

    Camber adjust

    They make rear adjustable camber arms but not the front. The only way to get the front camber adjustment is to go with coilovers with camber adjustable hats.. Here's some adjustable camber arms & trailing arms Megan Racing KIA STINGER / GENESIS G70 Rear Adjustable Camber Arm (khartunerz.com)...
  2. spider55


    I personally like the ECU tune, don't get me wrong the JB4 is a great plug & play tune. Most guy's run the JB4 with WMI & E30 + the bolt on mods to get close to 500whp but I didn't want to run those. John at Tork Motorsports does flash tunes with the ECU but that will void your warranty. I went...
  3. spider55


    It's either a JB4 or a Lap3, some of us have a ECU tune like myself. It all depends on how much you want to spend, JB4 would be your cheapest route. I ran the JB4 for 8 months an loved it, but I ended up going with a ECU tune..
  4. spider55


    Welcome, get ahold of Ben Edmonds, he runs a stinger group in Australia & New Zealand, here's the Facebook page.... KIA Stinger Owners Club Australia/NZ | Groups | Facebook
  5. spider55


    Welcome & congratulations, Pictures.......
  6. spider55

    Cold air intake and exhaust

    Welcome @Stingerscorpion I'm running RPM secondary cat delete with Magnaflow catback exhaust & JonnyTig CAI & FMIC... Sounds good & looks good...
  7. spider55

    Popping Sound Under Dashboard Speaker

    Welcome, If I were you I would take it to someone that installs stereo's, they should know what that noise is. Sounds like the speakers or the head unit isn't wired right. If that ends up being the problem take it back to KIA an tell them what the problem is & fix the damn thing..
  8. spider55

    Weird spots on window/roof line trim.

    Welcome @WillyWilliam Just go in an tell them that you have some concerns about the trip, they should already know what's going on with it, just don't let them push you around...
  9. spider55

    Eibach sways and springs

    It's a little bit stiffer then stock but good, I have the camber adjusted all the way, so far no tire wear but I also don't drive a lot. Since I installed the wheels & tires "11,000 miles ago" tires are looking great.
  10. spider55

    New Stinger owner

    Welcome & congratulations, post some pictures when you get a chance..
  11. spider55

    Eibach sways and springs

    Welcome @Blueray car is looking great. I have the Eibach Springs & sway bars as well as the Whiteline Endlinks with other parts to make the car handle awesome. I run some of the widest tires you can put on the car, no rubbing issues, I also don't carry anything in my trunk an I live in Arizona...
  12. spider55

    Air suspension question

    Welcome, The one person I would talk to is Nicholas Lario, he owns Khartunerz in California. Here's his info on IG.. quicknickk khar_tunerz
  13. spider55

    STINGER GT2 mileage

    The highest I've ever got was 30.7 driving in ECO mode cruising between 75 & 80 from Henderson Nevada to Tempe Arizona..
  14. spider55

    New Stinger Owner

    Welcome & congratulations, most of the owners gap theirs between 22 & 26, I have the Magnaflow as well, love it.
  15. spider55

    Maybe a new owner- need help deciding

    Welcome aboard, either or is a great choice, pretty much the same platform you just have to decide which body style you like.. The G70 has a better dash a couple more electronic features...
  16. spider55

    Headliner crackle?

    Welcome @Stinger_Blinger hopefully you were able to fix it.
  17. spider55

    black stinger from mass

    I like that engine cover, where did you get it from?
  18. spider55

    Finally Found Mine!

    Welcome & congratulations
  19. spider55

    Exhaust Thread

    Welcome @adrianageone, I had to do the same thing with my magnaflow exhaust because I had Ultra racing bracing under the car.