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  1. Koolwrench

    Post your Cold Starts

    Hey Guys, just want to see what everyone exhausts sound like just we can all get a better understanding of the differences in exhausts. Hopefully this will help new Buyers and people interested in getting an exhaust see narrow down their options! Heres my Kunstwerk 3.3 Racing Type Exhaust(EVC)...
  2. Koolwrench

    Carter Customs(Aero Parts) Looking for RND Stinger near Cary, North Carolina

    Hey Everyone, On my search to find more options for aero parts for our stinger I came across a website by mistake.(was searching for local shops). Carter Customs has done exclusively Mustang Aero Parts but i decided to message them anyway. Adam over at Carter Customs is actually interested to...
  3. Koolwrench

    Carbon Fiber Look Exhaust Tips

    Had some time to install the exhaust tips I bought from DHgate. These are 51mm x 89mm matt carbon fiber tips with blue end. Install required removal of mufflers to pull out old tips. Total install time was roughly an hour A dremel was used to slightly file room for the tips as their hight is...
  4. Koolwrench

    SoCal Stinger Group

    Noticed that there's no thread here for Southern California Stingers. I'm in Westminster and would honestly like to meet up and drive with other stinger owners here and there. Let me know if your around here and hopefully we can set something up eventually! Vehicle: White GT2/ Red Interior
  5. Koolwrench

    New vinyl wrap and reflector decals!

    Hey guys, hope your all doing well. Just came out of the shop getting some vinyl wrap trim and decals put on onto the reflectors. Decals from shark racing although they feel cheap so if they end up coming off I'll just get it wrapped by the same guy. Before: After:
  6. Koolwrench

    Question About a Stinger Picture

    Hey Guys, I saw this picture while browsing random stuff. Is the the paint outline you see around the air duct something they painted on themselves , is it a wrap perhaps? any insight would be appreciated. ive seen it on a few pictures floating around online. Really like the look and was...
  7. Koolwrench

    Finally Decided To Post. 2 Week Owner in Buena Park, California!

    Hey Everyone, First off, Ive been lurking for awhile and I love all your guys stingers, it really pushed me to make the final decision on getting this car. Now, Im pretty young, and this was honestly a big expense for me but I knew that I loved the stinger and would keep it for a long time so...