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    Auto Hold vs Idle Stop & Go??

    Guys, Driving my Stinger yesterday, I noticed a light on the tacho that said "Auto Hold". I had no idea what it meant. I'm still not too sure. Checking for info on Auto Hold, I've now encountered another term: Idle Stop & Go. What's the difference between Auto Hold Idle Stop & Go? I...
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    Radiator Stop Leak OK?

    Guys, My 2019 Stinger V6 has done a mere 5500 kms. It's not yet been back to Kia for its 12 months service. I can smell glycol coolant. Others on this site have noticed the coolant smell and raised the issue with Kia and the results it seems have been mixed. There's no evidence of a...
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    Windscreen Wipers: How to turn off auto operation?

    Guys: I',m trying to figure out how to turn off the auto function on my windscreen wipers. I've read the Owner Manual (pp. 4-130 to 4-133) and I can't see any info at all relating to switching from auto mode to manual mode. When I adjust the speed of the intermittent wipers, I see the dash...
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    Can I listen to the radio with the engine off?

    Guys, One more question from a new Stinger driver who's still wearing L Plates on the technology front (and no 10 year old to help). I want to be able to listen to the radio WITHOUT the engine running. Any time I try, the info screen flashes up a warning that the system is shutting down to...
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    Guys, I recently asked a question relating to oils suitable for the Stinger V6TT. I bought what I considered to be top shelf Group 4 Full Synthetic oil (SN 0W-40). And the local Kia Dealer said it wasn't good enough even though it was SN rated and EXCEEDED the specified 0W-30 range ...
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    How to unlock doors?

    Guys, I drove to the shops to pick up family. The locked doors prevented their entry. I was able to reach over and open the front passenger door but this didn't unlock the rear doors. I searched in vain for a door release button on the dash. When I want to let people into the car, is there...
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    330S Comfort Mode vs Sports Mode?

    Guys: I need some info on the Mode Selector on the centre console. I've been using only Comfort Mode and Sports Mode. I use Sports Mode in urban areas because I like the auto to kick down a gear or two without too much accelerator. The trouble with Sports Mode is that it seems to prevent the...
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    V6TT - What Turbos Does Kia Use?

    Guys, I'm still getting to know my new Stinger. The factory turbos kick in down low with lag and I haven't noticed any running out of puff up high. Who makes the turbos on the V6TT? Is there anything special about them? Do they have variable vanes or any other tricky thing? Also, I just...
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    SDVC - How to Ajust?

    Guys, I posted this in the Australia Forum but haven't received a response. Hope it's OK to post again here in an attempt to get an answer. I'm still learning how to set up the controls on my new Stinger 330S. I can't find any reference to SDVC in the Owners Manual. How do I adjust SDVC...
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    Speed Dependant Volume Control?

    Guys, I'm still learning how to set up the controls on my new Stinger 330S. It's a few weeks old and I've done 2000 kms. The Stinger brochure I was given when I bought the car states that it's fitted with SDVC but I can't find any reference to it in the Owners Manual. How do I adjust SDVC...
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    Kia Smart Cruise Control: I HATE it!

    Greetings all; this is my first post. My Kia Stinger 330S is 2000 kms old. I recently drove it from Sydney to Melbourne and back on the Hume Freeway. Driving south and after passing the Canberra turn-off, traffic on the Hume thins out. There are two lanes each way. I was driving up a...