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    SLD OEM All Weather Trunk Mat

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    SLD 19" OEM Wheels/Tires FS

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    SLD OEM All Weather Trunk Mat

    From my Stinger I just turned in (lease) excellent shape, paid $100, asking $75. Email me at klruff3@yahoo.com if interested.
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    SLD 19" OEM Wheels/Tires FS

    Email address is klruff3@yahoo.com
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    SLD 19" OEM Wheels/Tires FS

    Turned in my Stinger (lease) but the dealer wanted my aftermarket wheels, so, I'm selling my 19" OEM staggered wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Entire set is like new, I may have had 5K miles at most when these were pulled off the car. Asking $1200 for the set which is pretty cheap...
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    Yellow Repaint

    Got word from my dealer today that they will be towing my Stinger GT to "a Kia dealer in Vineland NJ" per direction from the Kia rep for it's repaint sometime soon. He said this dealer has/is repainting several yellow stingers, mine is in the que. My google search shows this dealer to be RK Kia...
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    Display Mod?

    Is there any way to turn off the gas tank image with the arrow pointing at it (that is pointing to the wrong side of car for the fuel door, points right, filler door is on the left) that also shows how many miles left on the tank of gas? It is top center on the dash display, can't find a menu...
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    New Owner Jersey Shore

    Just picked up a 2018 GT Limited (yellow) this past Monday. Never thought I'd own a yellow car but the price was in my budget and it is 1 of 400 Linited Stingers for 2018 in yellow, so it's in my driveway. What a great car. My son steals it nightly to enjoy and show it off to his naysayer...