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  1. spider55

    FS Tial BOV & Adapter

    Yes it's just one, it is a 50mm & it's for the 3.3L.
  2. spider55

    (3.3TT) WTB Catback - Borla vs MBRP

    Correct Correct it does take some of the drone out but it's mainly for a different look.. It's a little louder then stock at low RPM an at speed you can still hear it even with the road noise. I run a Magnaflow catback, it's a little louder the stock but it's a deeper sound...
  3. spider55

    (3.3TT) WTB Catback - Borla vs MBRP

    The only thing I can say about the Borla exhaust is, your going to get a lot of drone inside the car. That's the biggest complaint with Borla, MBRP is a lot better when it comes to no drone...
  4. spider55

    Kia Stinger Owner Location Demographics

    Welcome @ThatsaKia?
  5. spider55


    Welcome, The collar kit you bought is not very good & the reason I say that is because there are four bolts on the front subframe that are tapered, so they're lose in the collar. I have the ATQ subframe collar kit which comes with four replacement bolts, here's the website.... Kia Stinger - ATQ...
  6. spider55

    Official Deep Chroma Blue Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    That is a great color..[twothumb]
  7. spider55

    Share your Kia Stinger phone mounts

    Welcome @BrandonDrums, great mount..
  8. spider55

    Comment by 'spider55' in media 'IMG_1530_LI.jpg'

    Thank you [shakehands]
  9. spider55

    Just joined the team....

    Welcome & congratulations, great color choice..
  10. spider55

    295's Insalled - ACE Alloy AFF02

    Welcome @Mrchapel, his offset's are 37 front 50 rear with no spacers. When you get a chance post a picture of your car. I run the same setup except I'm on 19's with a 11in wide wheel on the rear..
  11. spider55

    ISO Reputable Performance Modifiers/Installers

    Welcome @BlaqueGuardian7 A lot of the mods you can do yourself, save yourself some money. Just watch youtube video's to see how it's done...
  12. spider55

    2020 Stinger GT Indigo Edition

    Welcome @Encino_Bob
  13. spider55

    Carbon Fiber hood

    Most of them are Carbon Fiber unless they specify it's fiberglass..
  14. DonsGT1

    Comment by 'spider55' in item 'DonsGT1'

    Yes I have Eibach Sway Bars & Lowering Springs, I had Forza in Tempe install those parts for me. I send all my Stinger buddies their, they do awesome work. Do you mean JB4, I used to have that on my car, you can run it on map2 on 91oct, it's not going to hurt anything, runs great on 2.. I see...
  15. spider55

    Comment by 'spider55' in media 'IMG_1530_LI.jpg'

    Go to my garage an you can see everything I have on the car, here's the link.. There's only a few things in life we enjoy our car is one of them! | Kia Stinger Forum
  16. spider55

    Electrical Gremlins

    Welcome, I've never heard of anything like that from anybody else, It's probably just an anomaly with your car. Lose wire or something, the hard part is tracking it down..
  17. spider55

    Official Aurora Black Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    I've seen enough snow like that when I was stationed at Fort Drum in upstate New York to last me a life time. I'll stick with shoveling sunshine here in AZ.
  18. spider55

    Arizona Meet Up / Cruise?

    The next dig car event is January 24 2021, IFO at Wild Horse pass but there are Car & Coffee's all over the valley on the weekends. There's one on the 19th next Saturday at Kneaders bakery in Chandler if you want to go, there's always some Stingers their..