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    Which part of Canada are you from?

    Hamilton, Ontario
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    Official Aurora Black Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    Just installed my Winters
  3. H

    Oil Catch Can - Evidence-Based Study?

    I installed an OCC in my Kia Optima and it captured oil. I have one in my Stinger.
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    Catch Can Thread

    Installed ADD W1 V3.3 into my Stinger. I have ordered UPR Check valves for it.
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    Exhaust Thread

    MBRP installed in my 2020. Love the sound.
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    Intake Thread

    Installed AEM CAI in my 2020
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    To Film or Not to Film to protect paint?

    Had mine done at a local tint shop where i got my previous car tinted. Got the Prestige package for $1200 with Window tint thrown in for free.