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  1. Choppa

    New wheels :)

    Marquee Wheels, 20x9 +35 (w/ 5mm spacer) Front, 20x10.5 +38 rear
  2. Choppa

    New wheels :)

    Front: 20x9+35 w/ 5mm spacer 245/35-20 Rear: 20x10.5+38 275/30-20
  3. Choppa

    ADD W1 BOV Setting Help

    Hi all, Anyone running the ADD W1 BOVs on their 3.3L that can offer some setting instruction? Currently I am 1.5 turns in from softest setting.
  4. Choppa

    What Did You Do With Your Stinger Today?

    That's the one I have. I went with the Gunmetal vs the chrome. No alignment pins, just the badge. (y)
  5. Choppa

    What Did You Do With Your Stinger Today?

    CK71 DRLs installed!! These lights Rock!
  6. Choppa

    Official Snow White Pearl Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    My new MY19 GT2 AWD :p
  7. Choppa

    Meet Snow White

    Hi all, new sexy MY19 Snow White Pearl GT2 AWD owner here :) Picked her up 2 weeks ago and I'm loving it (y) Coming from a 2015 Taurus SHO, modded (Tune, CAI, Down-pipes, Meth Injection). Looking forward to playing with my new toy and getting or exceeding the power gains I had in my SHO.